Frequency Central Thermo Nuclear, a sub-miniature vacuum tube based overdrive for Eurorack

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Frequency Central Thermo Nuclear is a new sub-miniature vacuum tube based overdrive module for Eurorack adds analog juice to your sounds. 

With the Berlin School, the British developer Frequency Central developer has released an exciting sequencer module that brings the classic Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze-style sequencing to Eurorack.

He is showing another module today. With Thermo Nuclear, not the perfect name for the current time, is a new analog overdrive for Eurorack. One that can set any sound on fire.

Frequency Central Thermo Nuclear

Thermo Nuclear

Thermo Nuclear is a sub-miniature vacuum tube based overdrive effect module for Eurorack. It offers different stage through which signals are routed.

The first stage features a MOSFET with switchable mu-amp. Then, the second is a self biased sub-miniature pentode with switchable triode/pentode. Next theres’s a tonestack based on the iconic Electro-Harmonix Big Muff.

Further, you get a blend control (dry/dirt) and another MOSFET stage for some gain recovery after the stonestack. Frequency Central says the module is capable to crush and destroy your tone with a pleasing warm tubey goodness.

A small but lovely effective module that brings a lot of analog warm character into your sounds. Below you find a video where you can hear demos of the module in combination with the new Berlin School sequencer.

Frequency Central Thermo Nuclear is available now for £110 as an assembled module or as a DIY kit (PCB, tube, panel) for £36.

More information here: Frequency Central

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