Eklero Records’ New Cable Holder Can Store Up To 300 3,5mm Patch Cables

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Eklero Records has today introduced a new stylish cable holder that can store up to 300 3,5mm patch cables vertically 

A Eurorack synthesizer with its almost infinite patch possibilities is a lot of fun. Without the 3.5mm patch cable, the whole thing would only be half as interesting. However, musicians often struggle to store or stow the cables properly when they are not in use.

Eklero Records from Italy today announced a handy, stylish cable stand that brings order to the 3.5mm cable world.

Eklero Cable Holder

Eklero Records Cable Holder

According to the developer, the particular shape of the Eklero Records Cable Holder allows storing more than 300 3.5mm cables of different types. This includes classic Eurorack, stackable (Tiptop Audio…), Banana (Pomona style), Tini Jack (Buchla), Bantam, and more.

Attention, the developer only delivers the disc. This is compatible with a microphone stand using the most common 3/8″ connection. The central hole is not threaded, the cable holder is simply placed and tightened with the adapter or with any tightening nut. The stand and adapter are not included here. If you have a stand with the 5/8″ end, you can still install it using the 5/8″ to 3/8″ adapter, which is easy to find.

Eklero Cable Holder

The patented design consists of a durable stainless and painted material. It has a diameter of 28cm and a thickness of 2.5mm which ensures excellent rigidity to the cable holder. If you move the stand, the stand has a special relief on the outside of the circumference that helps prevent cables from slipping.

A beautiful cable holder that even looks great.

Eklero Records Cable Holder is available now for pre-order for 44,99€ + shipping. The pre-order is open from 17/05/2021 to 30/05/2021.

More information here: Eklero Records

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