Dannysound Dynamics, a Eurorack compressor/expander with matching VU Meters module

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Dannysound Dynamics is a full-featured DIY compressor/expander for Eurorack with matching VU Meters expander module. 

Once you have finished your track, there are two important steps: mixing and mastering. If you work in the DAW, this is no problem nowadays. Well, If you work DAWless and only with your Eurorack modular synthesizer, you have to find another solution to give your sounds the final touch.

Dannysound, a Eurorack developer who offers nice looking DIY modules, recently introduced a compressor/expander combo module that could be interesting for many Eurorack musicians.

Dannysound Dynamics VU Meters

Dannysound Dynamics

Dynamics is a mono compressor for Eurorack that consists of a sub bass enhancer, a 3 band inductor-based EQ and a harmonic exciter. Mono? Yes but it can also be used with another Dynamics module as a stereo pair with the matching Dannysound VU Meters expander.

The compressor/expander section is based a discrete transistor-based circuit great for soft clipping when overdriven. There is an envelope detector aka feedforward circuit type that is known for fast attack times. It takes its input from the signal before it goes to the compressor rather than after. Then, there is a sub bass enhancer that has its own compression circuit that ducks the initial transient.

Mix control allows you to mix the unprocessed signal back in the processed signal. Dynamics also hosts a 3 band EQ that uses an inductor based LCR design. Dannysound says when the signal is overdriven it gives a nice bite to the sound and it has a certain characterful charm. That’s sounds already tempting.

The last element is a harmonic exciter that is capable to add a little distortion to the high frequencies. With this, you can bring out the sparkle of cymbals or the snap of snare drums, for example. You can switch the operating bandwidth between low and high depending on your processed signal type.

Connection side, it has inputs for the side chaining, external envelope input and output, and separate inputs and outputs for the Compressor / Expander and EQ sections. This allows you to use it as two separate modules.

Dannysound VU Meters

Dannysound also a VU Meters module (8HP) with a classy design that matches perfectly to the Dynamics module. The VU Meters is a 2-channel level monitoring module which houses 2 classic VU Meter dials to monitor signal levels. This module is designed especially to be used with 2 x Dynamics modules. They can be connected internally via ribbon cables on the back of the module.

The VU Meters interface features two 3-position toggle switches. The first sets the monitored signal (compressor/expander output or Dynamics input level…). The second sets the sensitivity.

DivKid has made a detailed video about the new Dannysound modules.

A very helpful module that is especially exciting for all musicians who do everything in their Eurorack system. Great for refining and putting the final touch on your sounds and track.

Dannysound Dynamics & VU Meters are available now as full DIY kits. Dynamics costs £152,50 (excl. VAT) and VU Meters £119 (excl. VAT).

More information here: Thonk

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