Intellijel Fuses A Multi-FX Processor With A Delay, Chorus & Reverb In A 1U Module

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Three in one: chorus, clockable delay, and plate reverb are available in the new compact Intellijel Multi-FX 1u Eurorack module. 

In addition to classic 3U format, Intellijel cases also offer space for 1U modules. These are practical because they take up very little space. Now the company has launched one of the smallest multi-fx processors on the market, in 1U format. Multi-FX 1U is not extremely broad with effects, but it has everything that is actually needed to improve sounds. A kind of bread and butter effects or how Intellijel says: “spice up any patch with some synced delay, lush chorus or cavernous reverb”.

It features three carefully crafted and highly musical sounding delay-based FX in a compact package. It operates in stereo (wet/dry balance) and includes a clockable delay, a chorus, and a plate reverb.

Intellijel Multi-FX 1U


  • Three FX modes:
    • DELAY – tap/clock syncable, controls for rate/division,  tone (feedback low pass filtering), and feedback amount
    • CHORUS – controls for modulation rate, tone (brightness)  and modulation depth
    • PLATE REVERB – controls for pre-delay, tone (brightness), and decay time
  • Stereo Wet/Dry balance for all three FX mode

Intellijel Multi-FX 1U is available soon worldwide for $129 USD.

More information here: Intellijel 

Available for pre-order at our partner


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