Tsoniq Fusion, a new Roland-style virtual analog user oscillator for Korg Logue synths

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Tsoniq Fusion packs classic Korg and Roland-style virtual analog synthesis in a new user oscillator for the Korg Logue synthesizers. 

The big highlight of the Korg Logue Synthesizer series (minilogue xd, Prologue 8/16, NTS-1) is the full-customizable digital engine. Oscillators as well as effects can be exchanged for others. In seconds, you can transform your Logue synth into a completely new instrument. For example: in a VA, wavetable or physical modeling synth.

With Fusion, Tsoniq is launching a new so-called User Oscillator packed with tons of features.

tsoniq Fusion

Tsoniq fusion

Fusion is a new user oscillator for the Korg minilogue xd and Prologue Synthesizer series. The developer has melted an entire, mighty virtual analog synth voice in its new user oscillator.

It uses a newly developed audio engine that uses 2x oversampling and anti-aliased virtual analog oscillators. There are different oscillator types available:

  • recreation of the minilogue xd’s VCOs with three waveforms, shape modulation, sync, and ring modulation
  • emulation of the Alpha Juno PWM saw waveform (“hoover” sound).
  • JP-8000 style super-saw and super-square oscillator
  • emulation of the Roland JP-4 sawtooth and sawtooth + sub oscillator
  • pulse and pulse + sub waveforms
  • phase modulation waveform generators.

Then, you get a resonant 12/24dB lowpass, high-pass and band-pass filters with key tracking. Plus, you get a envelope and LFO for modulation from the front panel. It also has a dedicated high-pass trim filter controlled via the multi-engine “shape” control. You can also tweak the age of the virtual analog engine and crossgrade between the VCO and the paired digital oscillator.

Fusion is capable of creating a wide range of sounds. You can use it to thicken your analog sounds with more oscillator power. It also works great as a standalone, rich virtual analog synth.

tsoniq fusion is available now for 20€ and is compatible with the Korg minilogue xd and Prologue 8/16. The NTS-1 is not supported! A fusion lite version with less features is available as a free download.

More information here: tsoniq

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  1. This is incredible. Mark just opened a new door in korg sdk development. Every user oscillator from this point forward should use Fusion as their template.

    • Agreed!! I didnt even know for instance that digital oscillator controls could be manipulated using the front panel.

      • it’s not supported by te SDK. basically picked out the memory addresses of the voice card control values. generally very easy to do, but with no debug environment you have to get inventive – and live with the slaved VCO values.

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