Uwyn CablePortal, a clever cable holder for Eurorack synth patchers

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Uwyn CablePortal is a clever, colorful cable holder that can herald the end of your tangled cables in your Eurorack systems. 

Geert Bevin is a full-time software developer. Above all, you know him from the Moog team and the fantastic iOS and Mac apps. Besides his software work, he is the founder of the Uwyn (Use What You Need) company which specialises in developing clever accessories for electronic instruments. All made with high-quality 3D print technology.

I have already reported on the Knobotrons, colorful UV rings for knobs or the CableCube, an elegant solution to organize your Eurorack cables. For his new product release Geert has teamed up with the fabulous musician and YouTube personality Gaz Williams.

Uwyn CablePortal

Uwyn CablePortal

The CablePortal is their latest invention from the 3D printer. It is again a bright, colorful accessory which can be recognized from a great distance in a Eurorack system. It not only lights up colorfully, it is also very helpful. CablePortal is basically a cable holder system that allows you to hold and route patch cables around your Eurorack modular synth.

Uwyn CablePortal

The clever thing here is that the CablePortal has openings all over the place: front, back, and two each on the left and right. So you can regroup cables from all directions into a single unit. For example, the modulations in red, and the purely audio signals in yellow. This can lead to better order, especially in huge, unwieldy systems.

Uwyn CablePortal

3D Printing Technique

Because people often have concerns about 3D printed products, here’s a detailed info about the production technique:

CablePortal is printed in high quality Virgin NatureWorks Ingeo Bio-PLA with industrial strength 3D printers.

This product is made with FDM 3D printers. While they are of industrial quality, the finish is not as clean as with an injection molding production process. You should expect lines, banding, dots, spots, gaps, stringing, … and other artifacts that are inherent to the 3D printing process. This doesn’t influence the operation of the product and is purely esthetic.

Certainly not a revolutionary, game-changing idea but one that is very simple and clever. I’m sure it will be one that will make many Eurorack systems neater and more organized.

Uwyn CablePortals are available now for $10 USD. Currently, there is a buy 5 get 1 FREE deal in the case you want to buy more units.

More information here: Uwyn 

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