DirtBoxSynth Physiq, A Deep Physical Modelling Oscillator For Korg Synthesizers

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Almost realistic physical modeling based stringed instruments sounds are now possible in Korg synthesizers with the new DirtBoxSynth Physiq oscillator

Korg Oscillator’s growth continues. After 2getheraudio released an organ plugin at the weekend, DirtBoxSynth starts the new week with another great new oscillator for Korg synthesizers. Physiq is a digital waveguide oscillator that emulates stringed instruments from around the world, including keyboards, guitars, strings, and folk instruments.

This oscillator is not based on a traditional subtractive synthesis but on physical modeling which allows you to make very bright and natural sounds. At its core, Physiq uses a physical model that allows for control over many articulations, including fingerpicking, plectrum strumming, a hammer striking, and bowing, all of which can be manipulated in real-time.

DirtBoxSynth Physiq

Virtual strings are excited by these articulations and the strings resonate at the played frequency, damped to simulate physical properties, and then passed through selectable instrument bodies. Since you can intervene so deeply in the engine, a lot of sound variations are possible. It’s one of the deepest engines for Korg -logue synthesizers I’ve seen so far.

With this oscillator plugin, you can create for sure (100%) from the Minilogue XD or Prologue new sounds that were not possible before. Ah yes, the NTS-1 is not officially supported because the engine is optimized for polyphonic sounds. Unofficially, it should work but the notes will be chopped off because of the lack of polyphony.


  • Multiple articulations – Strumming, plucking, picking, bowing, scraping
  • Real-time / CC control of articulation speed
  • String damping controls – volume, high frequency, tension, and damp tuning
  • Pickup position control with LFO modulation
  • Key-switching of articulations, strumming patterns, and harmonics
  • Instrument body resonance modeling
  • Includes MAC/PC controller app

DirtBoxSynth Physiq is available now for £19.99 from the official website.

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  1. Makes me wonder if there’s a way to hack the ‘Logue SDK to support MPE. This would be a pretty cool context for it, especially in terms of articulations.

    • No, not possible: the SDK allows you only to create custom oscillators and effects. Ok, well everything is hackable but than you lose the warranty like Korg Volca Sample hack project. On the hardware no logue Synthesizer has Aftertouch support but they have MIDI aftertouch, so you can use an external keyboard with aftertouch.

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