2getheraudio B3 Turns Your Korg logue SDK Synthesizer Into An Organ

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2getheraudio packs a flexible B3-style draw organ emulation plus a Leslie Speaker effect in a new oscillator for Korg minilogue xd, NTS-1, & prologue synths

Just recently, the young developer company 2getheraudio entered the Korg logue SDK plugin business with three new oscillator packs. The new B3 organ leaves classic synthesis processes and brings something new to the logue world. The organ sound is created from a combination of two plugins: the oscillator (B3 emulation) and the effect (Leslie speaker emulation). Both together allows you to create classic Hammond B3 sounds with your Korg Synthesizer.

Settings include 9 values between 0 and 8 and correspond to the level of each individual drawbar. For example, 888888888 means ‘all drawbars on to their maximum value’. Unfortunately due to the limitation of the Korg engine, the rotary speaker effect can also be combined with reverb or a delay effect, but not both. It

2getheraudio B3 Organ

The Hammond B3 Organ never goes out of style. In fact, its classic sound continues to find its way into new music in nearly all genres. For us, it’s a must-have sound in our keyboard library. For this reason we created a B3 Organ for Korg’s Multi-Engine. One part oscillator and one part effect, it’s the complete sound you need for all your organ tracks.

2getheraudio B3 Organ oscillator pack is available now as “choose your price” download with a minimum of $10 USD.

More information here: 2ga

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