Sinevibes Stator, new plugin brings wow & flutter effects to Korg Logue synthesizers

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Sinevibes Stator, new flexble tape wobble simulation plugin that takes Korg logue synthesizers with a wow & flutter infusion back to the 80s

Tape machine emulations seem to be trending in 2021. Or rather the 80s sound vibe is on. More tape plugins have hit the market than ever before. Plugins and hardware? Yes, the Korg Logue synths offer a platform in which you can load in specially developed plugins.

Sinevibes makes currently one of the best sounding and most innovative algorithms for the Logue SDK enviroment. And now also a tape effect, but one with a special touch.

Sinevibes Stator

Sinevibes Stator

Stator is a tape wobble simulator plugin for Korg Logue synths. According to Sinevibes, it uses a creative approach to replicate the effects of speed fluctuations in tape machines aka wow and flutter. It also emulates scrape flutter caused by the friction of the tape against the tape head.

Artemiy Pavlov, founder of Sinevibes goes even deeper in the topic. His team has modeled gentle phasing artifacts produced by crosstalk between the stereo channels. This makes the effect more authentic and organic.

The operation is super straigthforward with two parameters. Speed simultaneously adjust the relative frequencies of the modulation sources while depth sets the pitch modulation depth. Stator is capable of creating lovely stereo choruses or best-known lo-fi pitch wobbles. Or with slow pitch modulations, you can simply add something organic to any sound. This in combination with a delay or reverb, gives you instant 80s vibes.

If you want to transport your Korg Logue Synthesizer in vintage lo-fi terrorities, it is difficult to get past this new algorithm.

Sinevibes Stator plugin for Korg Logue synthesizers (prologue, minilogue xd, NTS-1) for $19 USD + VAT.

More information here: Sinevibes 

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  1. This effect is obviously made as a christmas gift for Hainbach 😉

    Back in the days everyone was proud of a tape machine or deck with ultra-low wow & flutter values. None, not even the cheapest ones, sounded like this or it was heavily misaligned and needed severe service.

    Can the effect set to be more subtle?

    • Yes, for sure you can dial in as much of this effect as you wish, there is the “depth” control for that. It starts pretty tame, but goes into lo-fi territory. We chose “depth” settings at around 40-60% or the demos. This is where you can also start to hear the stereo widening effect and the crosstalk phasing effect really well.

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