Neutral Labs MEG, unique waveshaper gives pulse-width modulation to any wave

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Neutral Labs MEG is a novel waveshaper module for Eurorack that gives variation of pulse-width modulation (PWM) to any waveform. 

A waveshaper is a must have for every Eurorack system. Especially when working with classic waveforms. With this you can design complex and unique shapes from simple sines, sawtooths… An often relatively affordable module with a lot of sonic benefits.

Neutral Labs, the developer of the excellent DIY drone Synthesizer Elmyra, today presented a new waveshaper with an interesting, fresh concept.

Neutral Labs MEG

Neutral Labs MEG

MEG is a new waveshaper module for Eurorack that follows a unique concept. Instead of folding the wave back in on itself like a classic wave folder, it shifts parts of the wave up and down. This wave folding processing creates two half-waves that can be flattened one by one. With the knobs, you can adjust the shape of each half wave.

Basically, it morphs into a high square wave and eventually a full square wave. The results ranges from pulse-width modulation to any kind of wave up to exotic wave shaping effects.

Further, you can find on the module an  input/output, two cv-controllable knobs with which you can control the shifting threshold.

At first glance, an interesting new waveshaper from the makers of the Elymra Synthesizer. I look forward to more demos

Neutral Labs MEG will be available as an DIY kit for 49€ and an assembled module (price TBA).

More information here: Neutral Labs 

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