Meng Qi Wingie Mk2, handheld stereo resonator gets a case and new user interface

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Mengi Qi has updated its fascinating stereo resonator Synthesizer Wingie to Mk2 with a new aluminum case and new user interface.

Meng Qi’s lovely Wingie Synthesizer made it onto the best experimental Synthesizer releases list last year (2021). It is a portable stereo resonator reacting to the environment with unique, complex sounds.

Wingie has grown up and has become a more mature instruments in the new MK2 version.

Meng Qi Wingie Mk2

Meng Qi Wingie Mk2

Like in the Mk1 version, it allows you to interact with the sounds captured with the two built-in microphones. If you uses voices, Wingie Mk2 reacts to these with beautiful complex harmonies. You can also play it as a percussive instrument and create acoustic feedbacks with your speakers.

It resonates with the world, meaning everything it captures is transformed into complex textures. Then, it has a stereo line input to work with the rest of your arsenal. The new Wingie Mk2 is a visual, and a usability upgrade. It now comes in an aluminum case which makes it look more stylish and like a handheld device.

New Interface

Meng Qi also adds a MIDI input via 3.5mm TRS jack and raise the playability experience with a new user interface with 3 switches, 26 buttons, 3 sliders, and 2 RGB LEDs that indicates the current mode.The new keyboard buttons are a big improvement over the first version, which was significantly smaller before.

Meng Qi Wingie Mk2

Three Modes

Wingie features three primary controls: mix, volume and the resonator decay that ranges from .15 to 10 seconds. The engine offers four distinct modes: bar, string, special, and poly. Each mode interacts with incoming sound in its own unique way, highlighting and picking out timbres and harmonics.

Connection side, there is also a USB-C port on the back for power and data transfer including updates. Not to forget, the Wingie Mk2 software is hackable.

Here  a lovely demo of the Wingie version 1.

I am very pleased that Meng Qi has revised the Wingie and upgrade it to a true handheld instrument for sonic explorers. The Mk2 version is more expensive but also offers more and a better playbility.

Meng Qi Wingie Mk2 is available soon and is ready for pre-order for 175€. For example, you can get it from Schneidersladen.

More information here: Meng Qi

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