Seismic Industries Spink0 Brings Ableton Link To Eurorack Systems

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Ableton has launched Link in 2016, a novel technology that allows you to sync hardware and software in a new way. Especially exciting is the synchronisation of iOS apps with DAW’s like Ableton Live. Seismic Industries, a Eurorack manufacturer from Switzerland think further and brings this open-source code to the modular world.

The final creation is Spink0, a poison green DIY module based on a Rasperry Pi Zero W that generates clock and reset signals. With a build-in WIFI chip, users can connect the module to the Link system and sync their Eurorack system directly with Ableton Live or any other Link enabled software.

Spink0 Brings Ableton Link To Eurorack Systems

The design of the module is quite simple and doesn’t feature a lot of features. On the faceplate, you have a display for the tempo and different outputs that gives you everything you need to sync your Eurorack system with Link. It’s interesting to know that this project was realised in collaboration with shaduzlabs who designed the pink-0. This code is available open-source and used here in this new module.

Demonstration Video

The PCB of the Seismic Industries Spink0 is now available for 35 CHF with shipping. A built module is available for 280 CHF.

More information here: Seismic Industries 

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