Arcus Is A Homemade Compact Drum Synthesizer & Sampler!

Drum Synth & Sampler With 5 Voices, Step Sequencer With Automation & More!

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Otem Rellik, developer of the Raspberry Pi FM Touch Synth or Looper is back with a new Synthesizer. Unfortunately the 4 units are already sold out but it makes sense to report because it is not mass-produced synth but an amazing homemade instrument by a musician.

Arcus is a compact drum Synthesizer & sampler that looks like a DIY version of the Teenage Engineering OP-Z. It features 4 drum voices (kick, snare, high hat, tom) and 1 sample slot. Sounds can be modified with different parameters and refined with 3 global effects. It also includes a 64-step sequencer with step automation for all parameters.

I really like this groove-box style drum Synthesizer in the beautiful wood look. I hope the developer decide to build more of it but he tells in the intro video that he will probably release the code on GitHub, so other musician can build a unit as DIY project.

Otem Relik Acure Synthesizer


  • 5 voices: Kick, Snare, High Hat, Tom, Samples
  • Adjustable Level, Decay and Pitch/Sample Select Per Step
  • 3 Global Effects: Bit-Crush, Delay, Cutoff Filter
  • 64 Total Steps Across 4 Sequencer Pages
  • Recievies and Sends Pulse
  • Receives USB MIDI Clock
  • Per Step Automation for all Parameters and Effects
  • 4 User Preset Banks

Arcus cost $300 USD. It’s sold out at the moment, whether there are others is unknown at the moment.

More information here: Otem Relik

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