Arcaico Dominus, a new Eurorack complex oscillator from Italy

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The new Dominus oscillator takes you on a complex oscillation and wave folding journey and it’s made by the Italian developer Arcaico.

One, two, or three oscillators form the basis of every modular Synthesizer. If you want to take the next step, screw a complex oscillator in your oscillator. In less marketing calligraphy: it’s a module with two oscillators that have some modulation in between allowing to create of harmonic-richer, wilder sounds.

Complex oscillators could be found early in Buchla synthesizers. Nowadays there are also popular in the Eurorack world. And there are many new ones every year. Dominus from Italy is the latest release covering this topic.

Arcaico Dominus

Arcaico Dominus

Dominus is a new dual saw-core complex VCO with an integrated wave folder from the Italian company Arcaico. The developers who have already given us the exciting Zaar drum voice or the dirty multi-effect Warehorse

It consists of two independent VCOs, each with 4 waveforms (saw, pulse…), 1V/oct input, and classic VCO controls. Including frequency (6hz – 24.000 hz), fine-tune… and more.  According to the developer, they have very stable 1v/oct control up to 10 octaves.

Each VCO also features an independent level control and PWM with CV control and attenuator. You can also hard-sync them and use linear and exponential frequency modulation (FM). It’s getting more exciting now.

There is a wave folder in the middle of the module. Nice: you can choose whether you want to route both oscillators or just one through the wave folder stage. It has two knobs. Shape adjusts, modifies, and distorts the final result while radius sets the range over a certain frequency band. There is also CV control over the radius parameter. Too bad the shaper aka wave folder itself cannot be animated

With the wave folder, you can very quickly take the two oscillators into new sound worlds. In those where sharp, harmonic-rich sounds are at home.

First Look

The interface is kept simple. The thick knobs in the upper area make the module look very beasty and valuable. I like the design. The sound is also convincing at first hearing. I don’t know if we need another complex oscillator, but more choice is never wrong.

Arcaico Dominus is available now for 295€.

More information here: Arcaico 

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