TC Electronic intros Bucket Brigade analog delay pedal

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TC Electronic has released an affordable Bucket Brigade analog delay pedal that gives your guitar or synth sounds warm, rich sounding delays

Modern guitar pedals tend to be packed with features. The usability of the pedal often suffers and this results in deep menu structures. Something that you don’t like to see in hands-on pedals. But there are also the other pedals. Often all analogue, very simple and intuitive. This is where pedals come from.

And that’s where the new release from TC Electronic comes in. They released a classic Bucket Brigade analog delay pedal with modern twists.

TC Electronic Bucket Brigade

TC Electronic Bucket Brigade

Bucket Brigade is an all analog delay mono effect pedal offering up to 600 milliseconds of analog repeats. The core uses a classic bucket brigade technology that is makes these classic, warm delay timbres possible. The interface is super straightforward: four controls, a switch and a foot switch. You get controls for depth, volume, delay, and feedback.

Then, the pedal also features built-in modulation available via the central switch and controllable with depth knob. The modulation only affects the repeated notes. Additionally, you adjust the speed of it via an internal trim potentiometer. It offers true bypass for the ultimate signal integrity says TC Electronic.

At first glance a nice release. It shows that pedals don’t have to be overloaded with features. Often just a few are enough to make a pedal exciting. Here you get a solid analog delay with a modern touch for little money. I think this could also pair nicely with synths.

TC Electronic Bucket Brigade will be available for 69€ and is shipping in several months.

More information here: TC Electronic 

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