Black Corporation ISE-NIN, Jupiter-8 inspired synth is almost ready: release date & pre-order open

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The Black Corporation ISE-NIN, a Roland Jupiter-8 inspired analog poly synth is almost ready: new photos, expected release date & pre-order 

Last May, Black Corporation announced the ISE-NIN, an 8-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer inspired by the legendary Roland Jupiter-8. I’ll let you define whether it’s a clone, replica or, in BC terms, a replicant. It generated a big buzz in the Synthesizer and electronic music community.

After this announcement, things went quiet. On the one hand because the synth was still in the development stage and on the other hand we currently have an unfavorable situation in the supply chains. Many chips are missing. longer delivery times etc. Today there is a sign of life from the ISE-NIN in the form of new photos by Roman Filippov, the main developer of it.

Black Corporation ISE-NIN panel

Black Corporation ISE-NIN

As a reminder: the ISE-NIN is a 8-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer that takes inspiration from the Roland Jupiter-8. Each voice consists of 100% analog voltage controlled oscillators, analog lowpass and high pass filters, noise generator, two ADSR envelopes, and a VCA. The synth allows you to layer two different 4-voice presets for making richer sounds. Each layer also has its own fully assignable velocity and poly-aftertouch controls and global MPE settings. Yes, it has full MPE support.

Then, it has full MIDI/USB support on the back, has the ability to store up to 128 presets per bank across 10 banks and supports micro-tuning with ODDSound MTS-ESP. There is also a built-in arpeggiator.

The new photos probably show the finished device as well as the internal circuits. Like the Deckards Dream and the other Black Corporation synth releases, it is also available as a DIY kits. According to the latest information, the synth will be released in March 2022, the initial plans were different:

With the current complications with global logistics and interruptions in the supply of parts, we are now expecting ISE-NIN to ship in March 2022 give or take a couple weeks). We really appreciate your patience and apologize for the delay.)

Black Corporation ISE-NIN Circuits

Black Corporation ISE-NIN is available now for pre-order in an assembled version for $1199 USD (deposit) and the remaining balance of $2550 USD is to be paid when the product is ready for shipping. The total price is $3749 USD.

The PCB kit is also available for pre-order with a deposit of $299 USD and with a final price of $999 USD ($700 USD ready for shipping). The ISE-NIN will arrive in March 2022.

More information here: Black Corporation 

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