GS Music e7, multi-timbral polyphonic analog Synthesizer is available now

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The e7 multi-timbral polyphonic analog Synthesizer from the Argentinian boutique developer GS music is available now in four colors. 

Almost a year ago I wrote about the e7, a multi-timbral polyphonic analog Synthesizer from Argentina. GS-Music, the developer of this new boutique analog poly Synthesizer, began shipping the instrument shortly after the announcement. But in very small batches.

Today GS-Music announced that the e7 is available and ready for shipping without pre-order. A reason to take another quick look at this new desktop Synthesizer.

GS Music e7 available now

GS Music e7 Available Now

The e7 is a polyphonic analog Synthesizer with a classic subtractive design. You can get it in four colors. In two classic black and gray and if you like it more colorful and unusual in blue and red.

It has 7 voice polyphony in total which can be divided into 4 analog layers (independent MIDI channel, keyboard zone…) using the button interface. Each voice consists of two multi-wave analog oscillators (VCOs) with sub-oscillators for extra juice and hard sync. You can choose between triangle, saw-tri, sawtooth, and pulse with PWM.

There is an autotuning functionality for the oscillators and it’s possible to mix the pulse with the other waveforms which is a nice addition. A white noise generator is also available in the mixer section. The latter gives you full control over the signals including opening the “gate” for external signals.

Then, the mixed signals flow through a smooth 24db/oct ladder lowpass filter with resonance control and different modulation options (envelope, LFO, mod-wheel/aftertouch).  The next step is a VCA section for boosting the signal with modulation options and in the final step, you can refine them with a chorus and delay.

Chorus gives you basic and ensemble modes to choose from perfect for fat juicy sounds while delay gives you a stereo and ping pong delay mode. Both modes are syncable with the MIDI clock.

GS Music e7 available


The modulation engine is implemented digitally and consists of two ADSR envelopes and three multi-wave LFOs. The first two gives you 5 waveshape and the third four can be activated with the mod wheel and/or aftertouch. The LFOs run in monophonic and polyphonic, have keyboard tracking and clock sync onboard.

Modulation works in a very classic way using the dedicated mod parameters in the respective sections. So no deep modulation matrix or deep menu diving. All very hands-on and easy to use. Besides envelopes and LFOs, there is also support for velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, and MPE. Thus, you can control the pitch and cutoff independently per voice.

According to Guido of GS Music, the voices have a stereo panning from left to right. But you can adjust this with the stereo spread and put them in the center or left/right in seconds. There is also a neat stereo motion option that allows you to modulate the stereo spread with an LFO.

GS Music e7 backside


On the back you will find everything you would expect from a modern Synthesizer today: USB-MIDI, MIDI connection on 5-pin sockets (IN/OUT/THRU), CV inputs for the pitch, cutoff, gate), an external input, balanced stereo audio outputs, and a headphone socket.

Individual outputs for the layers would have been nice but would have made the instrument significantly more expensive. It comes with a DC 12V 3A power supply and the unit has a weight of 3.8 kg. A tiny display is located in the middle, which gives you visual feedback.

You can save up to 640 presets and 128 multi-timbral presets right on the unit.

A lovely, rich-sounding polyphonic analog Synthesizer from a small company in Argentina. I really like the classic Moog-style interface that immediately reminds you of vintage synths and invites you to tweak parameters. And the good thing: no chip excuses, the instrument is ready for shipping.

GS Music e7 is available now for $1499 USD + import taxes + VAT. Shipping is free of charge for Argentina otherwise it’s a flat shipping rate of $100 USD.

More information here: GS Music 

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