Soundforce SFC-8, New MIDI Controller For The Jupiter 8 Hardware & Plugin Emulations

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With the SFC-8, Soundforce presented at Superbooth 20HE new boutique hardware MIDI controller for the Arturia/Roland Jupiter 8 Synthesizer emulations. 

Nicolas from Soundforce presented his new Dual ADSR envelope for Eurorack a few days ago. Today he surprises us with the SFC-8, a new MIDI controller, especially for the excellent Arturia Jupiter 8V Synthesizer plugin. The MIDI controller not only works with this plugin but also with any other thanks to MIDI CC messages. The initial idea came, according to the developer, from YouTuber Mylar Melodies, who visited the developer at his booth last year on the Superbooth and asked him if it was possible to have a controller for the Arturia. Jupiter 8V. A little talk had a big impact.

The SFC-8 is USB powered and has both USB-MIDI and DIN-MIDI connectors onboard that can be used simultaneously. It works perfectly with Arturia’s JUP-8V as well as Roland Cloud’s JUPITER-8 plugin using simple MIDI CC messages and classic MIDI mapping.

Soundforce SFC-8

Fully Customizable

Thanks to the control app every physical control properties can be changed, such as the CC number). The DIN-MIDI connector will allow you to control also hardware devices such as the Roland MKS-80. The layout is compact but is still leaving enough space for your fingers to fit everywhere. The sliders are 30mm long as it was the standard for synths in the 80s. They are close to 80 controls available in total. Dimensions: 307mm(W) x 221mm(D) x 50mm(H).

It offers a 100% metal case made by Grawart ( and is fitted with walnut side panels made by Gouldcaseworks. All the rotary pots are now wobble-free metal shaft pots.

First Look Video 

Here is a first look video of the new Soundforce SFC-8 MIDI controller. At minute 12 we talk about it.

Soundforce SFC-8 is planned for release in Q4 2020 and the price is still not defined at this point.

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