Moog Music launches GIANTS, new electronic music documentary series

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Moog Music GIANTS, new documentary series trace the beginnings of electronic music & tells stories of the most important artists & innovators

Electronic music has its pioneers. Whether it’s an instrument designer, an entire company or a musician, many have contributed to the history of synthesizers and electronic music.

Moog Music dedicates a five part video documentary to these important personalities packed with emotions, untold stories, and more.

Moog Music Giants


Moog Music highlights in GIANTS the life of each person including their origins, untold stories… There will be 5 episodes in total of about 15-25 minutes long. Each episode consists of an interview and story part illustrated with beautiful pictures from the past.

The first release features Herb Deutsch a music educator and friend of Bob Moog. He also was the co-inventor of the Moog Synthesizer. The other people who are part of this documentary is modular synthesis legend Suzanne Ciani (Diva of the Diode), Bernie Krause an early modular synth adopter and Mute Records founder Daniel Miller.

A fantastic documentary series about the history of electronic music. Don’t miss these videos.

GIANTS is available now on YouTube. To keep up with future releases of GIANTS, join Moog’s email newsletter list here

More information here: Moog Music 

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