Bastl Instruments Ciao!! new performance-oriented output module

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Bastl Instruments Ciao!! is a new 5HP performance-oriented output module with two stereo line outputs, a headphone amp, and some clever extras.

A modular Synthesizer consists of a series of modules. Mostly made up of oscillators, filters, envelopes, LFOs… They also include utility modules that add various helpful functions to your modular synth. These can be multiples, dividers,… but also input and output modules.

Since Eurorack synths have hotter levels, output modules are super helpful to bring them to line level. Ciao from the Czech developers Bastl Instruments is one of these. This now returns in a new version. 

Bastl Instruments CIAO!!

Bastl Instruments Ciao!!

Ciao!! is a new compact and performance-oriented output module. It’s the version of the original Ciao module.

According to Bastl Instruments, the original had some quirks that they have fixed in this version. They also benefited from this to expand it with new features. With 5HP, the new Ciao!! has a somewhat unusual size but offers the same core features as the previous one + x.

Ciao!! has two stereo channels (A, and B) that use high-quality, low-noise components to achieve the best results. 

The signals go into the module in four 3.5mm mono sockets (A and B stereo), each with a dedicated level control and signal indicator with clipping warnings. There is also a stereo mix switch to easily mix channel B into channel A. Handy for pre-listening or stereo mixing.

Then, you can route the signals out to two areas. Channel A offers 6.3mm ¼”) balanced jack outputs to minimize noise and ensure maximum quality. Channel B, on the other side, has a 3.5mm (⅛”) stereo jack. Perfect for routing out your sounds in a field recorder with a stereo input. 

There is also a dedicated headphone output that provides high-output power with a switch for listening to either A or B channels.

The channel B stereo output can also be used as a second headphone socket. A clever addition especially if you patch your synth with a friend. 

Further, the circuit has built-in input normalization, making distributing signals to some or all of the outputs easier.

First Impression

Ciao!! looks like a very compact yet comprehensive output module with some clever twists. Good to see it back.

Bastl Instruments Ciao!! is available now for 264€. 

More information here: Bastl Instruments

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