ADDAC 105, A New 4-Voice Cluster With FM, VCA & A Built-In Multimode Filter

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ADDAC 105 is a 4 voice cluster (4-voice) with 4 square oscillators each with FM, several modulation options, VCA and all send through a multimode filter.

The module features also individual triggers that include a slew decay. Each voice on the unit has its own VCA input, where any input is accepted (trigger, gate, and CV). The decay knob controls the slew decay applied to the incoming signal. If the knob is turned fully anti-clockwise, then it works as a mute.

Each oscillator block also comes with an FM switch with which you can activate and deactivate the FM input coming from the previous voice: Voice 1 FM comes from voice 4, voice 2 FM comes from voice 1, etc., so you can modulate every signal in an FM loop.

ADDAC 4 Voice Cluster

All four voices are then summed and sent through a filter with controls over cutoff, with an attenuverter for the CV input and resonance. Three filter outputs are provided: lowpass, bandpass, and highpass.

The external input can be routed through a jumper on the back of the module, allowing the incoming signal to go to the filter input for processing an external audio source, or all of the four voices’ frequency control. This allows plenty of experimental CV control over the pitch on all four voices at the same time (due to the specificities of the circuit, and to keep the module at a low price these inputs are not callibrated to 1v/octave).

An interesting but different idea for a voice module.

ADDAC 105 System 4 Voice Cluster is available now for a price of 110€. The unit will also be available as a full DIY kit in the near future.

More information here: ADDAC

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