Tiptop Audio Buchla: first Eurorack 200 modules are shipping and ready for pre-order

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First two Tiptop Audio Buchla modules, the 258t dual oscillator and 281t quad function generator are shipping from the factory and available for pre-order.

One of my top 3 highlights of Superbooth 21 was the announcement of the new modules from TipTop Audio and Buchla. The prices and the availability made the topic one of the top news. For the first time it will be possible to get a Buchla system that is super affordable und fully compatible with Eurorack. A Buchla revolution.

The first two modules will be at dealers worldwide in the next few weeks. Pricing starts from €210/$199 which is a no-brainer for Buchla.

TipTop Audio Buchla first modules

Tiptop Audio Buchla

There will be two modules first. Later in the year more modules will come and one of the highlights will be the Source of Uncertainty Model 266t.

Model 258t

The first module will be dual oscillator model 258t which consists of two independent oscillators. They offer the identical feature set except the unique waveshaper. In oscillator 1 the waveform, you can shape from sine to saw while oscillator 2 goes from sine to square. Interesting: both oscillators are independent and are not internally connected.

These are two separate oscillators, each with a 1v/oct input, a processing input for pitch scaling/inversion/expansion. Plus, each oscillator offers an FM input with depth control and two outputs.

Model 281t

Second module release is the model 281t, which is a quad function generator. It’s a four-channel envelope generator with triggerable and individually CV controllable attack and decay. Each function generator offer three operation modes: transient, sustained and cyclic.

Starting with the transient mode, the most classic one, that gives you a regular AD response. In sustained mode, the envelope will stay high as long as there’s a voltage at the input. Lastly, you have cycling which transform your function generator in a looping envelope using a gate in the CV input. Here the decay segment is also the loop point of it.

The quadrature is the most exciting section of the module. It allows you to pair functions together to create more wild and complex modulations. It basically shifts the paired modulators by ninety degrees in relation to each other. This creates very varied modulation signals.

At these affordable prices, it’s hard to resist a Buchla system that’s fully Eurorack compatible.

TipTop Audio Buchla modules are available now for pre-order: 258t for 210€/$199 USD and 281t for 229€/$210 USD. They will be available in end of January/begin of February 2022.

More information here: TipTop Audio

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