Atomosynth KOE M6, desktop semi-modular analog Synthesizer

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Atomosynth KOE M6 is a new desktop semi-modular analog Synthesizer from Peru with a 17×15 patch bay, flexible modulators, and more. 

Synthesizers are also designed and manufactured in Peru. More precisely by Alfredo Aliaga from Atomosynth. The company is known for attractively priced, hand-made analogue synthesizers with many interesting designs.

A year ago, also in January, he presented the MOCHIKA X4, a big feature upgrade for its analog Synthesizer. Among other things, it now has a better sequencer, a sub-oscillator, and more. Today, he announced the KOE M6, another new analog Synthesizer. This time desktop and with a semi-modular engine.

Atomosynth KOE M6

Atomosynth KOE M6

KOE M6 is a new desktop semi-modular analog Synthesizer. The core features a single voltage controlled oscillator with saw and pulse waveforms. The latter also has pulse width modulation with a CV input. There is also a digital square wave oscillator (DCO) that is only controllable via MIDI. Plus, you get a square wave sub oscillator with -1 and -2 octaves selector. Hands-on FM is also onboard.

Then there is an audio mixer followed by a filter section with lowpass and high pass voltage controlled vactrol-based filter. On the modulation side, it offers a voltage-controlled LFO with triangle and square waveforms, and a random voltage modulator with 6 modes. Including S&H, random, dust, random gate, pulse, midi cc out).

Also onboard is a ADSR type envelope generator with a customizable slope generator. It offers voltage control over the rise and fall times and a loop/gate selector. Pretty impressive modulation section for such a compact semi-modular Synthesizer.

All this is patchable via a patch bay on the bottom of the synth with 17 inputs and 15 outputs. Here you find you 1v/oct and gate as well as a MIDI interface available with a breakout adapter. It supports CV pitch, gate and CC outputs. You also get a voltage mixer with gain and positive/negative offset control in the patch bay.

KOE M6 also includes a flexible delay effect with voltage controlled delay time. It is capable of creating spring-like reverbs up to super long unique echoes says the developer. The synth is embedded in a rugged sheet metal enclosure finished micro textured electrostatic paint. Alternatively, you can also put the synth in a Eurorack case, and use it as a synth voice in your modular system. It’s fully compatible with the Eurorack format.


In times when we have a lot of semi-modular synths, affordable and expensive Boutique, new releases are having a hard time. However, the KOE M6 from Atomosynth is exciting because of its interesting mix of features. Analog and digital oscillators, a vactrol-based filter, and wide range of modulators. It also sounds very good in my opinion.

Atomosynth KOE M6 will be available from February 1st, 2022 for an introductory price of $449 USD + import + taxes. It includes free worldwide shipping with DHL express from Peru.

More information here: Atomosynth 


  1. Don’t buy from this guy, worst service EVER…purchased a Perceptron years back arrived totally broken (case was made of plastic glass but was supposed to be in metal on the photos, argue he changed his mind without asking me), he got back the destroyed semi-mod, kept the money and fly pretending he never received it though i sent it with a signature proof…worst communication and service ever..avoid this crook ! :((

  2. Above comment notwithstanding, why in god’s name would you make a semi-modular synth with the patch points on BOTTOM?!?! Has this guy never used Eurorack, which is what semi-modular gear is intended to interact with?

    • pittsburg modular’s voltage lab also had them at the bottom, and those big racks with tons of modules and cables all over the place dont seem that different to me.

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