Ladik S-316, new 16-step sequencer for Eurorack with hands-on control

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Ladik S-316 is a new 16-step sequencer with 22HP for Eurorack with flexible reset & S&H functions and  hands-on control 

The Eurorack market currently offers more than 5000 available modules and DIY kits from more than 270 manufacturers, ranging from small boutique manufacturers to the big players. Mini one-man companies often have the hardest time to prevail in the market. It is often due to a lack of marketing budget or resources to produces in larger quantities. A reason for me to give these companies more attention with articles etc.

One of these companies is Ladik from the Czech Republic. No marketing, no promo videos,… the developer just builds modules and publishes them on his website. If you ask the communities, only the Eurorack insiders know the module releases from the Czech Dopefer. And today Ladik has a new module which is very exciting.

Ladik S-316 sequencer

Ladik S-316

Ladik S-316 is a new 16-step sequencer with 22HP for Eurorack. The interface is very simple and hands-on: no menu, no display, everything is programmed directly without detours. It can be compared to the classic Doepfer A-155 sequencer which also has a very immediate workflow.

The S-316 has 16 steps, each with a step CV knob and a step on/off switch. Thus, notes and steps can be activated and deactivated instantly. There are also knobs for the sequence length (2-16 steps) plus LED and gate length (1ms – 6s) with a CV in jack. You can set the note range from 5 octaves unquantized, quantized (in semitones), or 2 octaves quantized (in semitones).

Then, Users can benefit from three different directions: random, up (normal) and up/down (pendulum). The latter repeats the first and last step. An option to turn off a repeat function in random mode is also available. You have a clock input, a reset input and a gate output, each with an LED. Clock and reset also have a manual button each.

Reset & S&H

Ladik has also incorporated some clever extras. Reset gives you, for example, three different operation modes:

  • “1st” means that an incoming pulse at the Reset input also plays the first step,
  • “Stay” means that the first clock after a Reset plays the first step,
  • “Last” means that a Reset trigger moves the sequence to the last step immediately.

Further, it offers a S/H function with options:  “Off” means the CV value at the output gets update according to the relative knob position on each step, regardless of the status of the On/Off switch for that step. “on” means that the CV output is only updated on steps for which the step switch is on.

I really like this sequencer because it consistently focuses on the essentials. I really like this sequencer because it’s very hands on and classic. Everything is clear, no menu diving…


Ladik S-316 is available now for £180 in silver and £190 in black. Important know: you pay in pounds but the modules are shipped from Czech Republic.

More information here: Ladik

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