Sequencer updates: Ground Control 2.0 & Erica Synths Black Sequencer 1.05

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New year starts with two sequencer module updates: Ground Control 2.0 with new features and Erica Synths Black Sequencer 1.05

2021 was a year with many exciting modules. Above all, there were many sequencer highlights. Among other things, the long-awaited Ground Control and Erica Synths Black Sequencer were officially released.

The first is a 101 inspired sequencer with 4 tracks, a drum track with 8 triggers, 3 melodic CV / gate tracks and built-in touch keyboard. The Black Sequencer has 4 CV / gate / mod tracks with classic design and lots of creative, inspiring functions. Both have now received updates. Ground Control 2.0 Ground Control 2.0

Let’s start with the biggest update. The Ground Control 2.0 update introduces a new CV modulation matrix with 4 assignable CV inputs to various sequencer parameters. Including pattern shift, semitone and octaves offset, shuffle, ratchets, slide, gate length, CV to CC values and pattern change. Also new are scales and the ability to disable the TAP tempo button in the menu. More changes:

  • during the live pattern select shut off the key LEDs because sometimes when they overlap the patterns you can load wrong project
  • pattern live mode in lock mode
  • changes the patterns now is sync tight
  • various JSON parser fixes
  • in live pattern select mode TAP also selects another project instead LAST STEP but after new project loaded it returns back to live pattern mode
  • F/mod. menu improved.
  • LAST STEP button enables smoothing/stepped modulation output
  • fully rewritten manual with all v2 firmware features

Erica Synths Black Sequencer 1.05

Also the Erica Synths beloved Black Sequencer module got a new version. It’s not a big update, rather a polish for the current firmware 1.0. It includes many bug fixes (LFO noise and S&H level fix, magic pop-up free fix…) but also two new features. You can now activate a track gate delay as well as an encoder LED color invert function.

Not much new but nice to see ongoing maintenance for the sequencer mode from the Erica family.

Erica Synths Black Sequencer

The new updates for the Ground Control and Erica Synths Black Sequencers are available now.

More information here:  Erica Synths

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