Wave Alchemy Triaz, a polyrhythmic organic sequencing drum engine for Kontakt Player

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Wave Alchemy Triaz, a new advanced multi-layer drum engine for Kontakt Player with polyrhythmic, organic drum sequencing with intuitive workflow

Kontakt Libraries are a world of their own. The market for libraries for Native Instruments sampler plugin is growing and growing. Very simple at first, Kontakt instruments are today very complex and extensive.

There are no longer simple rompler, they are rich virtual instruments. From complete multi-sampled orchestras, synthesizers, drum machines or groove boxes. The sample specialists of Wave Alchemy recently introduced Triaz, a new impressive drum machine engine for Kontakt.

Wave Alchemy Triaz

Wave Alchemy Triaz

Triaz is a new advanced drum machine engine for Kontakt 6 Player with the focus on sound design. Instead of one, each sound has up to three layers with a visual XY pad making very versatile timbres possible. It is driven by a diverse library with 10.000 samples + of modern electronic and acoustic drum sounds, percussion, and sound design tools. There is also an option to load your samples per drag-and-drop.

Per layer, you can tweak the samples with tone-shaping controls like filters, envelopes, reverse, LFOs, FX and more. The engine also allows you to play any sound over a-2-octave range of pitch to create musical percussive rhythms, pitched tom fills or anything in-between. A randomization feature also you to create drum kits at the click of a button.

Then, you can dedicated channel FX and master bus processing to finalize your sounds including mastering and a full effect suite. You can find here a compressor, master EQ, creative noise engine, tape simulation, plate reverb, analog-style reverb, reverb impulse responses, and more. Analog-style slop controls let you infuse the random behaviour and character of analog instruments in your patterns.


Not only the drum engine is extensive, also the built-in sequencer. It offers 32-steps maximum with polyrhythmic functionalities with independent playback rate and step-length per lane. Also onboard is a new sequencer slop that introduces variable groove humanization and organically varied movement to your beats.

Plus, you get per step note repeat, stutter, probability and start offset. The Triaz sequencer also allows you to export your patterns via MIDI drag + drop to your DAW. A very handy functionality. Sequencer host sync and on-screen transport control is also given.

Triaz looks very mighty at first glance. The many modern features of the sequencer and the option to have up to three sounds at the same time make the engine stand out from many Kontakt-based sequencers.

Wave Alchemy Triaz is available now for an introductory price of £119.95 until January 31st, 2022 (Reg. £149.95). It runs inside the free Native Instruments Kontakt Player or Kontakt 6.6.

More information here: Wave Alchemy

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