KOMA Elektronik Released Dual Discrete VCA Eurorack Module!

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KOMA Elektronik’s latest Eurorack release is a new dual VCA module that is based on discrete transistor cells with clever advanced functionalities!

KOMA Elektronik known for the experimental sound design machines Field Kit & Field Kit FX is back with a new Eurorack module. Today, they have announced a new dual VCA that is built up out of discrete transistor cells. The advantage is that it has low CV & audio bleed as well as low noise and distortion.

Each VCA features two audio inputs, two CV in, an attenuator per VCA and also a clever slope shaping knob.


The KOMA Dual Discrete VCA offers two independent high quality VCA channels, both built up out of discrete transistor cells with low CV and audio bleed, very low noise and distortion. The VCA’s feature set also enables you to experiment with the linear/exponential response curve, changing the dynamics of your sound. Play around with the gain settings for creative distortion effects in the classic KOMA style:

High quality sound by default, noise by choice!    

KOMA Elektronik Dual Discrete VCA is available now for 199€.

More information here: KOMA Elektronik

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