ModBase 09 Mk II, Jomox’s Punchy & Versatile Bass Drum Module Got An Update

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Jomox ModBase 09 Mk II is the successor to the popular punchy analog bass drum module with small improvements in hardware and software

To design fat bass drums that make your monitor speakers vibrate, you can either use a large set of individual modules or just one. Those who opt for the space-saving method can choose the right one from numerous available bass drum modules (Erica Synths, WMD Crater…) One of the most popular and deepest will get an update soon.

Jomox has announced the ModBase 09 Mk II, an updated version of its punchy bass drum module. The front panel remains the same, but there are small welcome changes to the features. It now comes with a new dedicated accent CV input that can even trigger directly dynamically. The firmware got a makeover that fixes unwanted parameter jumps and little engine glitches. Not much has changed, but the update makes the module ready for the next modular years.

Jomox ModBase 09 Mk II

Analog Bass Drum With Memory

Like its predecessor, the ModBase 09 Mk II is also based on the massive, analog Jomox bass drum sound. This is adjustable with eight potentiometers: tune, pitch, decay, harmonics, pulse, noise, attack, and EQ. For example, you can adjust the pulse and noise part of the attack for punchier drums with the respective potentiometers.

The internal menu hides other deep sound-shaping parameters such as the digitally created metal noise with 499 timbres, trigger sensitivity, compression of the decaying envelope, and the CV routing. The button and the display in the middle of the interface let you control these hidden functions. Further, you have a built-in LFO that makes wild effect sounds possible. On the connection side, it has a trigger input with adjustable trigger sensitivity, a gate input, 4 CV inputs, linear FM, and a new accent CV input. Parameters can also be controlled via MIDI

Jomox ModBase 09 Mk II will be available by the end of the year 2020 for a price of 349€

More information here: Jomox 

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