Daisy Patch Submodule, new DSP platform for creating your own Eurorack modules

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Electro Smith Daisy Patch Submodule is a new neat DSP platform creating your own Eurorack module from your own code, easier and faster. 

With the Daisy, Electro Smith has launched a platform back in 2020 with which you can turn your own codes into hardware products. With the advantage that you don’t need to be a trained programmer to do this. The platform has become widespread in the meantime and companies such as Qu-Bit Electronix or Noise Engineering are currently developing all their modules on it.

Best example is the Versio module series, where you can turn the module in something completely differently by loading a different code on the module. The Electro Smith developers have now further developed the platform and now presents the Daisy Patch Submodule.

Daisy Patch Submodule


The Daisy Patch Submodule explicitly designed for the Eurorack world and has the aim to make it even easier for musician to convert codes into modules. It is powered by a lightning fast STM32 processor running at 480MHz  On the audio side, it features a high fidelity stereo audio codec with 24-bit 96kHz stereo audio with enough RAM for up to 10 minutes audio buffers. Thus the core is suitable for advanced audio processors (granular…) that requires sample buffer.

There are also two dedicated CV outputs, two Gate inputs and outputs and twelve general purpose ins/outs.

A firmware also runs on the Daisy Patch Submodule. It’s flashable over the USB port on the backside via an open-source web programmer. Like the initial little Daisy, the submodule is also compatible with many programming languages. It supports C++ but also visual programming languages like Max/MSP, Gen~, Pure Data, and Arduino languages. The module is also FCC and CE tested and compliant.

Even though I’m not a musical coder, I’m a big fan of such products and platforms. Mainly because they bring developers from their labs and musicians, i.e. users, closer together. Plus they enable musicians to turn their often very performance-oriented ideas into hardware products.

Electro Smith Daisy Patch Submodule is available now for $39.95 USD from the official store.

More information here: Electro Smith 

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