Ujam Usynth, upcoming new Synthesizer plugin promises foolproof operation

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Ujam Usynth, an upcoming new Synthesizer plugin that minimizes synthesis complexity by offering a foolproof operation with a limited number of macros.

Every beginning is difficult. Also the operation of the first Synthesizer. How do oscillators behave, how does a filter shape the signal … All points that you can explore as a bloody newbie. To do this, you have to invest time that many musicians don’t have or don’t want. Often because they just want to make music and don’t want to deal with technology too much. But this what many today’s synthesizers demand from their customers.

Today, many are no longer as simple s a Moog Minimoog or a Sequential Prophet-5. More oscillators, more filters, more complex envelopes… more is more. Made for synth geeks like us who want to explore every corner of the sound. Yes, for sound designers. But we often forget that outside of the synth bubble there are musicians who love synth sounds but cannot do anything with oscillators, filters …

Ujam Usynth

The German software company Ujam has been developing plugins which are tailored precisely to this target group. Away from absurd numbers of features, to foolproof instruments and effects plugins that everyone can use. No matter if he/she is a complete beginner or a professional musician.

After the beginnings in the world of drums, guitars and effects, the idea is carried further into the world of synths with a new upcoming plugin release.

Ujam Usynth

Usynth is a full-fledged Synthesizer plugin where each instance consists of two individual layers per voice with virtual analog, wavetable, FM and multi-sample synthesis. Plus, it has multi-mode filtering, 5-stage envelopes, LFOs, 12-way. modulation matrix and much more. It all sounds like the next flagship synth with an abundance of features. In our synth geekery eyes yes, but not in Ujam’s.

Usynth takes on the complexities of multi-engine synths for you and gives you a selected number of macro parameters to work with. The developers promise that Usynth doesn’t require any synthesizer knowledge, even not the basics to create inspiring new sounds.

Little is communicated about features at the moment. But you can see that there is a sequencer, Synthesizer and finisher section with a few knobs. Finisher here is the foolproof Ujam multi-FX Engine, which is also available as individual plugins. “Think Instagram filters, or think steering wheel and two pedals – that’s how you operate Usynth”. I am sure the plugin will be delivered with a lot of ready-to-use sounds that you can tweak on the fly.

First Impression

Friends of deep synthesizers will surely overlook this release. They want to have everything on the table what synthesis offers in 2021. Plus the possibility to expand the engine according to their mood.

However, I find the idea and concept interesting and innovative. Especially when you think outside the synth bubble and deal with music producers who don’t work with synths every day. Here the synth must deliver and not distract from actually making music. It’s definitely a unique take on a synth and I’m looking forward to the release.

Ujam Usynth is available now for pre-order in a special bundle for 99,83€ instead of 149€ including three synths (Euphoria, Caramel, 2080), early access on January 20th, 2022 and an exclusive webinar with synth legend Peter Gorges.

More information here: UJAM

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