Syntheway Phasewaver, New Phase Distortion Synthesizer Plugin

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Syntheway Phasewaver is a new phase distortion Synthesizer plugin (VST/AU) for macOS and Windows that brings Casio CZ vibes to your DAW. 

Phase distortion synthesis is one of the less common types of synthesis. Introduced and made famous in the CZ synthesizers by Casio in the 1984s. The sound spectrum is significantly more limited than, for example, in FM synthesizers. This is because it always uses modulators that are at the same frequency as the carrier, or sometimes at a simple multiple of its frequency.

The synthesis made great by Casio and Yamaha still exists today, especially in software synthesizers. Syntheway today released  Phasewaver, a new synth plugin with this technology.

Syntheway Phasewaver

Syntheway Phasewaver

Phasewaver is a new Synthesizer plugin that is based on phase distortion synthesis. Split into two waveshaper boxes aka phase distortion oscillators that each host two waveforms where you can from 8 different single-cyles waveforms. Thus, you have 16 in total. It includes sawtooth, square, pulse, double sine and sawtooth-pulse plus 3 resonant waveforms: resonance 1 (sawtooth), resonance 2 (triangle), and resonance 3 (trapezoid). For both oscillator blocks, you also have a detune section with octave, note, and fine-tuning knobs.

Then, you have a filter section with a smooth state variable filter with different types and a multi-effect section where the signal flow ends. Here you have a flanger, delay, and reverb processor. On the modulation side, it features ADSR waveform & amplitude envelope generators for both phase distortion oscillators that allows you to control the audio signal passing through them. Plus, you have an LFO with rate and depth control.

The plugin ships with 40 presets built into a straightforward preset manager. It supports mono control and mono glide as well as full MIDI automation.


Looks like an interesting Synthesizer plugin. However, two comments. The GUI looks very old-fashioned and no longer is suitable for 2021. Second, the website is a veritable flashback to the 2000 website, it’s very messy. A lot of text, chaotic, little order, and Google advertising. Everything you no longer want to see from a page where you spend money. Syntheway if you’re reading this. Please update your website with a modern look. It helps you a lot to sell more plugins.


Syntheway Phasewaver is available now for $43,90 USD as a VST/VST3/AU plugin for macOS and Windows.

More information here: Syntheway 

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