Crumar Performer, Iconic Italian String Machine Revived As A VST/AU Plugin

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Crumar Performer is an authentic emulation of the famous Italian String Machine Performer from 1979 as a VST/AU plugin expanded with features.

I don’t know how you think here but I love string machines. Even today these instruments have their charm and character that one would not want to miss. Especially if you want rich sounding string sounds with a vintage vibe. For everyone who loves string machines, there is a new emulation of an iconic machine.

Crumar has today released an accurate emulation of their vintage string machine Crumar initially manufactured in Italy between 1979 and 1982.

Crumar Performer

Performer features two sections, a string and a brass section like the original. The string section core relies on two oscillators per voice with 8′ and 16′ settings plus a simple AS envelope. A 3-brand equalizer with high, mid, and low sliders allow you to shape the timbre of it. The brass part uses a single square oscillator with a lowpass filter with resonance and a simple AD envelope. The software does not emulate the engine but also behind that.

Unlike the vintage synth, you can select in the emulation between two filters, revision A with a ladder filter and revision B with the SSM 2040 type also found in the SCI Prophet synthesizers. Also new is a sustain modifier. To refine the sounds, it comes with a built-in effect chain with emulation of vintage pedals including a graphic EQ, phaser, flanger, and analog delay. Further, you have adjustable reverb and chorus effects that give your sounds space and volume.

Crumar Performer

According to the developer, the plugin requires very low memory and CPU power. That’s good to hear. Besides this, it has an easy MIDI-learn feature, and import & export functions or MIDI map and bank/program.

At first glance a nice emulation of a classic. However, I wonder how many people still need the sound of the Crumar Performer in productions today.

Crumar Performer is available now for 99€ for Windows and Mac OS X. It runs on VST2, VST3, AU, and Standalone. A free demo is available and the activation via online C/R license.

More information here: Crumar

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  1. “However, I wonder how many people still need the sound of the Crumar Performer in productions today.”

    You’re right to ask that, but having a VA Performer like this is not just about the sound, as you can discover the unique articulations of playing by the strange semi-paraphonic implementation of the original Performer.
    Who’s in soundtracks and electronic music could enjoy that vintage approach. Since its hardware limitations (reproduced in this virtual synth) engage a playing style that should be experienced at least once.

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