ID700 Desktop, Buchla 700 Synthesizer emulation now on macOS (AUv3)

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Jonathan Schatz’s beautiful, musical Buchla 700 FM Synthesizer emulation ID700 has landed in the Mac app store as a desktop app with AUv3

In April of this year Jonathan Schatz aka modosc released one of the most exciting Synthesizer iOS apps of 2021. ID700 is a beautifully implemented, emulation of the super rare Buchla 700. An FM Synthesizer with an experimental approach from the 80s.

Today, the developer published the ID700 app as a desktop app for macOS with AUv3 support. It’s a shame, unlike Moog and other manufacturers, users of the iOS version cannot download the macOS for free. The iD700 for Desktop is a separate purchase.

ID700 desktop

ID700 for Desktop

The macOS version does not differ from the iOS version. All functions are the same. The user interface is intuitive and beautifully implemented as on the mobile device. And yes, it’s also the same Synthesizer. The ID700 is an emulation of the super unique and rare Buchla 700 FM Synthesizer. Innovative because Don Buchl’a’s FM synth approach was very different and experimental at the time. Alone the user interface of the synth is more reminiscent of a command bridge from an 80s SciFi film.

Buchla 700 combined FM synthesis with waveshaping and all this is also implemented in the software version. Only clearly musically, more hands-on and easier to program. The engine features twelve voices each with four FM operators with twelve unique algorithms. Like in other FM synths, you can easily create new sounds by changing the algorithm. It’s faster than any random generator.

The app is not DX7 like so there is no limitation to only sine waves. There are over forty different waveforms available that serve as a sound generator sources. Alternatively. you can draw your own shapes using the built-in harmonic editor. Then, you have two waveshapers per voice, a functionality which stands for Buchla synths, gives you more flexibility in the waves.

Further, you get up to fourteen multi-segment envelopes with one-shot or looping characteristics. Fourteen are lot and their advanced features make very sophisticated modulations possible. It also comes with scale file as well as MPE support for very expressive and dynamic performances.

Jonathan Schatz’s app is a brilliant implementation of the very experimental Buchla 700. It is not a bread and butter synth but an instrument that can create many unusual, bizarre sounds. Here you can experience and play with synth history on your iPad and now also for macOS and for his DAW (Logic Pro, Reaper so far).

ID700 for Desktop is available now for an introductory price of 59,99€ on the Apple MacAppStore. It requires macOS 10.13 or later. The iOS with AUv3 support is available for $7,99 USD.

More information here: Mac AppStore 

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  1. thanks for the writeup! just wanted to point out a few things:

    1. there is a VST3 wrapper available on our website so that you can run ID700 in a VST3 host (ableton, bitwig, etc):

    2. i didn’t release this as a universal plugin because it would require users to upgrade to big sur, and most of the beta testers i had were on older systems.

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