Octachron, A Flexible & Straightforward Designed MIDI Sequencer For iOS

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With Octachron, Markus Teufel has released an exciting MIDI sequencer with advanced features for iOS with which you can easily sequences melodies & beats

The moments in which I forget interesting new releases also happen to me. That is also the case with the Octachron app released back in 2019. I like sequences on iOS because you get very versatile sequencer apps for little money. However, these often have such complex structures that they are not very inspiring. Fugue Machine by Alexandernaut, for example, remains one of the most inspiring ones. But now back to the app I forgot to report.

Octachron is a creative 8 track MIDI step sequencer (standalone/AUv3) with rich modulation and sequencing capabilities. This includes flexible clock dividers, custom time signatures, individual track length (polyrhythms), parameter lock for velocity, trigger probability, ratcheting, and CC. So not a simple sequencer app.


Octachron (very Elektronish) makes you want to work with it because it is designed very simply without many sub-menus. The sequencer layout also looks very intuitive and not overloaded with shiny animations. The app offers:


  • Standalone or AUv3 AudioUnit
  • 1-32 steps with flexible clock divider and custom time signatures
  • 8 mutable tracks with flexible length
  • Up to 8 chainable patterns
  • Swing with flexible swing grid
  • Save and restore your presets
  • Parameter lock for velocity, trigger probability, ratcheting and CC
  • Various presets for popular drum machines
  • Scales generator
  • Full functionality up from iOS 11

Thanks to a new update, the focus went back to the app and made it worth writing about it. The developers promise better performance, cleaner look, presets & mapping handling improvements, easier configurations, improved song mode design, and a more accessible modulation. All that shows, the app is alive and will continue to be updated. And pretty cool, they invite users to participate in the development via an online survey.

Octachron is available now for iOS (iPad only) for $4.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: Markus Teufel

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