Deckard’s Dream, Roland Space Echo RE-201 and Linnstrument jam by Johannes Winkler

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Musician & YouTuber Johannes Winkler paired the Deckards Dream Synthesizer with the iconic Roland Space Echo RE-201 for an expressive jam with its Linnstrument.

I surfed again on YouTube again and discovered a great jam by the Austrian musician and YouTuber Johannes Winkler in which he plays the Deckards Dream analog poly Synthesizer, a modern take aka replicant of the legendary Yamaha CS-80. He also added the iconic Roland Space RE-201 effect processor to make the sounds even wider and spacey.

Sounds like a massive duo. Yes but its not enough. He also paired this huge sound combo with the super expressive MPE controller Linnstrument from Roger Linn. You can hear the result in the video just below.

Deckards Dream played with Linnstruments amazing Sequencer and recorded through the Spaceecho Re 201 tapedelay. Will do a series of little ambient and soundscape works like this during the 4th lockdown in Austria in November 2021.

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