Synth Magic Vector X MKII, a multi-sampled SC Prophet VS for Kontakt

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Synth Magic Vector X MKII is a new virtual instrument that brings the sounds of the SC Prophet VS Synthesizer to the Kontakt 5/6 sampler.

The market for third-party Kontakt libraries is as colorful as that for plugins. And there are also very good ones here that stand out from the crowd.  I took my first steps with the Kontakt sampler with Synth Magic products. The British sound designer has specialized in sampling vintage synthesizers. From these samples, he creates very authentic virtual instruments.

For his new release, Synth Magic continues his Prophet VS Synthesizer project from 2013 in from of the Vector X MKII with new sample content and an updated user interface.

Synth Magic Vector X MKII

Synth Magic Vector X MKII

Vector X MKII is again based on multi-sampled waveforms from the iconic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS hybrid Synthesizer from 1986. It uses 6GB of content (4 volumes) that is embedded in a specially designed interface giving you 4 unique sample collections and 4 sets of snapshots/presets. You get over 400 presets to play which you can edit completely.

The user interface is deep but easy-to-use. You can set both oscillators with different parameters and easily access all waveforms. There is also a multi-mode filter per oscillator as well as two envelopes (amp/filter). With a vector blender slider as well as a dedicated sequencer, you can mix the vectors. It allows you to morph between two loaded Vector X waveforms with additional controls (volume, pan, and LFO speeds). As we know from good old vector synths.

Then, you get two MIDI sync-able LFOs per oscillator (filter, pitch), a bunch of random patch generators, tremolo’s, arpeggiators, as well as a full effects section. The latter includes a reverb unit with impulse responses from top hardware reverb units completed with additional creative controls.

According to the developer, it ships with gritty synth sounds, smooth organs, 5th stacks, analog waveforms, abstract tones, and more.

Synth Magic is one of the best Kontakt library manufacturers in the field of synthesizers. I haven’t tested Vector X yet, but I am sure that it will be very authentic and a lot of fun again.

Synth Magic Vector X MKII is available now for an introductory price of 37,37€ instead of 67€. Use the code VECTO at checkout.

More information here: Synth Magic 

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