Waves is giving away a brand new plugin for Black Friday for FREE

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Waves is giving away a brand new plugin (macOS/Windows) for Black Friday for free, you can now sign-up and get it on November 26.

It’s no secret that I’m ambivalent about products from Waves Audio. Because of two points. The endless sale that never stops and the expensive update policy. This is mainly because you get big updates for free for one year. If your WUP has expired and you need M1 support for your new Mac, you must first update to the new Waves version via the WUP service. That can be very expensive if you have a lot.

Now for Black Friday, Waves is giving away a new free plugin again. What it will be is not known. Whether a virtual instrument, effect, or a mixing/mastering plug-in, we’ll see. Last year there was the EchoSphere delay/reverb plugin which was a solid plugin.

Waves Black Friday Free Plugin

Waves Black Friday

The mystery of the new Waves plugin has not yet been solved. But you can already sign-up so you will get a notification when the plugin is available.

As I said, the plugin is free. However, as always, support is limited to one year. You have to consider that. But you can’t go wrong with getting the new Waves plugin. It’s a free download and if you don’t use it you haven’t lost anything.

The new Waves plugin for Black Friday will be available on November 26th, 2021.

More information here: Waves 

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