Rigid Audio Ultron, sequenced wavetable Synthesizer for Kontakt

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Rigid Audio Ultron is a new sequenced virtual synth instrument that is powered by Kontakt’s wavetable synthesis engine. 

Kontakt instruments often focus on classical, orchestral sounds. These have made the Kontakt engine as big as it is today. But in the massive amount of orchestral content, we should not forget the many libraries that cover other sounds. Also synthesizers. 

One of the best-known developers is the German sound designer Rigid Audio. He has a variety of very affordable instruments in his range. For Black Friday, they are again at 5€ each. Ultron is the newest synth library. 

 Rigid Audio Ultron

Rigid Audio Ultron

No, you didn’t take a wrong turn and enter the Marvel world. Ultron is a new wavetable Synthesizer for Kontakt 6+ (full version). 

The core is based on Kontakt’s wavetable oscillator engine featuring various parameters: shape, inharmonic, sample rate, and more. These functions can be tweaked classically with knobs.  

Ultron also hosts 8-step rhythm sequencers that animate other elements of the wavetable engine: velocity, noise, wavetable position, and pitch. You can set the value of the parameter per step. These parameters are then sequenced with every note press. 

Rigid Audio ships the synth library with various wavetables. Alternatively, you can load in custom wavetables via drag-n-drop in the engine. 

There are also two dedicated modulation table sequencers for the pitch modulation envelope attack and decay. On the right side of the UI, you also find various other non-sequenceable parameters. For example, you can add PWM, crunch (Lo-fi), and use a multimode filter with drive.

Rigid Audio Ultron

Morphing Effects

On a dedicated FX page, Ultron features a multi-effects processor, including a production-quality reverb, the NI Replika delay, and a unique flair effect. The latter adds tuned delays to the signal paths. 

Ultron also has a wild FX side. It features an XY touch pad with which you can morph parameters. 

Another highlight of the library is its dual-preset layout, each loaded with 16 presets. You can blend and morph these to achieve very versatile results. Not to forget, Ultron is remotely controllable with full host automation and MIDI. 

First Impression

A beautiful new Kontakt instrument from Rigid Audio. Thanks to the wavetable engine, Ultron can be described as a wavetable synth. It’s not as deep as a full wavetable synth, but with this more simple approach, you can get interesting results more quickly.

Rigid Audio Ultron is available now for an introductory price of 10,79€ instead of 40,99€. It requires the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher. 

More information here: Rigid Audio

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