LXS Pro Audio Mouse with an auto-assignable knob now on Kickstarter

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LXS Pro Audio Mouse is now on Kickstarter: a computer mouse with a big magic knob that automatically maps to parameters in your DAW.

There are three worlds: those who make music entirely on the computer/tablet, i.e. in the box, who work hybrid, and those who go strict DAWless. Many say that software lack the tactile and direct what hardware offers. On the other hand, making music with the mouse is unsexy.

With a specialized MIDI controller, you can significantly upgrade the workflow and give a little bit of the hardware love to your soft setup. Certainly not perfect, as many controllers do not have automated MIDI mappings, which is annoying in the long run.

LXS Pro Audio Mouse

I like the concept of the nOb control controller very much. A single knob that controls all parameters by simply running over the parameter with the mouse. The big downer, the n0b is super limited and thus often sold out. But there is finally competition. LXS has launched the Pro Audio Mouse.

LXS Pro Audio Mouse

The LXS Pro Audio Mouse takes up the idea of the “n0b” but puts it in a different package. LXS ‘product is a mouse with a large, endless potentiometer attached to the left side. The hardware uses an intelligent auto-assign technology allowing you to map the knob by simply moving the mouse over it. Once pointed, you can remotely control them.

According to the developer, it should work with all common DAWs (Logic Pro, Pro Tools…) in combination with the supplied software. Attention, it’s not compatible with standalone software, so software outside the DAW. In the embedded video below, you get a closer look at how the controller works in a DAW.

We all know how cumbersome parameter mappings are with MIDI CC. This solution looks very practical and easy to use. Almost magical. There are also two additional operation modes that make the mouse more flexible to use. These are on the left side of the mouse. With MOD, you can switch to control faders and expand the reaction of the Pro Audio Mouse’s knob to standard plugin faders, sliders, and more. Next to this is the PAD button that adjusts the resolution of the potentiometer.

First Look

Visually the Pro Audio Mouse is not an eye-catcher, but the idea of a “magic” knob that automatically maps to parameters sounds exciting to me. How well it all works would have to be seen in a test.

LXS Pro Audio Mouse is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter for 87€ in a super-early-bird offer. If these 150 units are sold, you can pre-order it for 118€ in an early-bird package. Shipping starts in July 2022 and the Kickstarter campaign runs 19 more days.

More info here: LXS

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