Thomann Cyberweek, summary of the best Synthesizer, pedal and music tech deals

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The Thomann Cyberweek has started with deals on hardware synthesizers, drum machines, guitar pedals, studio equipment & more.

Black Friday has now also arrived in Europe. Thomann started its Cyberweek sale with lots of deals on hardware products.

Until November 29th, you can save on different hardware synthesizers, guitar pedals, audio interfaces, and more.

Thomann Cyberweek

Thomann Cyberweek

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I could write down all the deals for you and claim that there are no better ones. No, I don’t do that. I looked at all the deals and did the math for you. Products that are 5 € cheaper are not deals for me. Even products that are displayed as deals but have the regular price do not count. However, there are many offers in different categories that should not be missed.

For example, the Behringer WASP Deluxe Synthesizer is available for 169€ (23,87%) or the Pro-1 for 199€ (20,08%). The portable analog IK UNO Synth is on sale (18,87%) as well. Friends of grooveboxes can get the eye-catching yellow Polyend Tracker AE Bogdan Raczynski version with a 28,76% discount.

In the guitar pedal section, you get the TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay with a big 29,38% discount or the plugin + controllers TC1210-DT and TC8210-DT with almost 40% discount. A small selection of some highlights.

And below is the list with all the best deals from Thomann’s special event which, in my opinion, are the most interesting.

Moog Subharmonicon 7,52% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2022
SOMA Ornament-89,31% OFFSequencerThomann29/11/2021
Behringer RD-6-TG29,29% OFFDrum MachinesThomann29/11/2021
Viscount Physis Piano K4 EX13,94% OFFE-PianoThomann29/11/2021
Behringer WASP Deluxe23,87% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Behringer Monopoly14,73% OFFSynthesizersSynthesizers29/11/2021
Roland Aerophone AE-1012,84% OFFWind InstrumentThomann29/11/2021
Otamatone Deluxe Black 11,69% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktop
8,27% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Korg XE20SP 12,01% OFE-PianoThomann29/11/2021
Polyend Tracker AE Bogdan Raczynski 28,76% OFFGrooveboxThomann29/11/2021
Roland TR-0610,55% OFFDrum MachinesThomann29/11/2021
M-Audio Oxygen 25 Mk412,66% OFFMIDI ControllersThomann29/11/2021
Behringer Pro-120,08% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Steinberg UR22 Mk2 Recording Pack Elements 13,09% OFFAudio InterfacesThomann29/11/2021
Roland A-49 Black16,76% OFFMIDI ControllersThomann29/11/2021
IK Multimedia Uno Synth18.87% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Presonus Microstation13,95% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
Pearl EM1 Malletstation13,14% OFFMIDI ControllersThomann29/11/2021
Zoom PodTrak P810,36% OFFPodcasting & StreamingThomann29/11/2021
ART TubeOpto 814,29% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
TC-Helicon GO Guitar 32,27% OFFAudio InterfacesThomann29/11/2021
Headrush MX511,02% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC-Helicon Go Solo25,32% OFFAudio InterfacesThomann29/11/2021
Mikme Pocket10,87% OFFMicrophonesThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic TC8210-DT39,8% OFFMIDI Controllers + PluginThomann29/11/2021
ART Pro Channel II15,91% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
TC-Helicon Go Twin 25,32% OFFAudio InterfacesThomann29/11/2021
Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42B17,83% OFFPodcasting & StreamingThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic TC1210-DT 39,8% OFFMIDI Controllers + PluginThomann29/11/2021
Zoom V610,51% OFFAudio ProcessorThomann29/11/2021
Gator G-BUS-8 Multi Power Supply35,12% OFFGuitar AccessoriesThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper 31,01% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Hypergravitiy Mini38,1% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic PolyTune Chipe Tune 23,08% OFFGuitar AccessoriesThomann29/11/2021
Joyo TC-1 Tone Chain 22,22% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Nux MG-3025,75% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Sub’N’UP Mini Octaver28,99% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay29,38% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Valeton Dapper Mini 4 Effect Strip24,68% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Nux Loop Core 22,73% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion44,12% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Boss Pocket GT Guitar Multi-FX16,74% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
T-Rex Diva Drive14,71% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
ToneWoodAmp Multieffekt for Acousticguitar 13,91% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Valeton GP-100VT30,19% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Radial Engineering Tonebone PZ-PRE V213,42% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Teleport GLR48,19% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Teleport GLT48,19% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
XVive Mike 28,57% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
EB Metal Drive II33,9% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Korg NC-Q1 Black Noise-Cancelling Headphones48% OFFHeadphonesThomann29/11/2021
Sennheiser XSW 1-835 E-Band Vocal Set35% OFFMicrophonesThomann29/11/2021
Korg Volca FM24,46% OFFSynthesizersa href="">Thomann29/11/2021
Behringer TD-3-RD20% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Roland Fantom 714,45% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
BeepStreet Zeeon Synthesizer50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore28/11/2021

The Cyberweek sale is available until November 29th, 2021.

More information here: Thomann

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