Ploytec PL2 Logos, A New Text-Based Speech Synthesizer Is Now On Kickstarter

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Ploytec from Germany has become known with the PL2, a quadratic mini Synthesizer with an analog and digital filter. After many great updates, the adventure continues with the PL2 Logos shown at Superbooth 2019. It’s a new text-based speech Synthesizer that is an emulation of the CTS256-AL2 / SP0256-AL2.

Cool, you can type whole sentences into the engine with the help of a USB keyboard and play them back. Small cheap interesting speech Synthesizer in my opinion where I would be happy if the campaign ends successfully.

Ploytec PL2 Logos


At Superbooth19 in Berlin, we showed a sample of the PL2 Logos prototype board. This PCB makes it a lot easier to translate English text to the allophones needed for Ploytec PL2 based speech synthesis (which is CTS256-AL2 / SP0256-AL2 emulation). On the board, a PL2 synthesizer is already integrated, so there’s no need for a separate PL2 (though it’s always good to have some of those).

The included USB keyboard allows entering text, and to store/recall text from memory using function keys. Each function key can hold up to 39 letters in up to six rows. Via the integrated USB MIDI it’s possible to capture and playback the MIDI notes triggering the words. On top, you can record the many MIDI notes representing allophones, to a DAW. Please note: The knob will be most likely missing on the final board, as it never had any functionality and is not necessary for operation.

Ploytec PL2 Logos Speech Synthesizer is available now for pre-order for 89€ on Kickstarter. The campaign ends July 7, 2019.

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