Black Friday Deals on iOS music apps for mobile musicians 2021

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Summary of all Black Friday Deals 2021 on iOS music apps for mobile musicians including synthesizers, effects, mixing/mastering, and more.

IOS apps are an important part of the Synth Anatomy website. From the first minute, they are one of the big topics of the page. A big thank you to the community and developers who have supported this over the years. And keep doing it. The share of iOS news on SA, unfortunately, collapsed after 2018, as Apple killed the affiliate program for media partners and content creators.

Many websites, unfortunately, died from Apple’s new business direction. The most recent example is Tim Webb’s excellent Discchord news website that primarily focused on iOS app news. Synth Anatomy stays true to iOS music apps. Not all but a selection of the most interesting releases. The growing Patreon community makes this possible, thank you for supporting the coverage.

Black Friday deals iOS music apps

Black Friday Deals Music Apps 2021

And yes, that includes the Black Friday Deals on iOS music apps. No affiliate or partner links. Thus, it’s a service and a big thank you to the developers and community. For all those who supported the coverage over Patreon, PayPal donations, or with free codes for the community in 2021.

If you’re a developer, have iOS apps that are on sale during Black Friday, then get in touch. I’ll be happy to add them to the list. I will update the list on a daily basis.

AppDiscountSynth Effects/Mix...ShopEnds
Synthmaster iOS sale70% OFF (Up To)
UVI App Sale BFS50% OFF (Up To)Virtual Instruments
MIDIlicious App Sale54% OFF (Up To)SynthesizersAppStore-
Nembrini Audio iOS Black Friday Sale50% OFFEffects
Mixing & Mastering
SynthMaster One for iPhoneFREESynthesizersAppStore30/11/2021
Shoom Synthesizer55% OFFSynthesizersAppStore-
Velvet Machine 37,55% OFFEffectsAppStore-
iFX Rack50% OFFEffectsAppStore
Audio Modeling 33% OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore30/11/2021
GeoShred Pro 40% OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore-
Korg Electribe Wave50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore30/11/2021
Korg iMono/Poly50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore30/11/2021
Korg iWavestation50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore30/11/2021
Korg ARP Odyssei50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore30/11/2021
Korg iM150% OFFSynthesizersAppStore30/11/2021
Korg iDS-1050% OFFSynthesizersAppStore30/11/2021
Korg iPolysix 50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore30/11/2021
Korg iMS-20 50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore30/11/2021
Korg iElectribe 50% OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore30/11/2021
Korg iElectribe Gorillaz50% OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore30/11/2021
Korg iElectribe for iPhone50% OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore30/11/2021
Korg iKaossilator for iPhone/iPad50% OFFEffectsAppStore30/11/2021
Korg Module Pro50% OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore30/11/2021
MIDI Check - Diagnose ToolFREEUtilityAppStore-
2XB303 Bass Sequencer EDM-30350% OFFSynthesizersAppStore-
Virsyn AudioLayer70,02% OFFSamplerAppStore26/11/2021
Virsyn Addstation65,03% OFFSynthesizersAppStore26/11/2021
Virsyn ReSlice53,37% OFFSamplerAppStore26/11/2021
Virsyn Tera Synth30,03% OFFSynthesizersAppStore26/11/2021
6x806 Drum Machine Synth50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore-
Virsyn Poseidon Synth65,03% OFFSynthesizersAppStore26/11/2021
Virsyn Cube Synth Pro46,7% OFFSynthesizersAppStore26/11/2021
Virsyn Addictive Pro65,03% OFFSynthesizersAppStore26/11/2021
Virsyn microTERA70,07% OFFSynthesizersAppStore26/11/2021
Virsyn Matrix Vocoder60,06% OFFEffectsAppStore26/11/2021
Virsyn VoxSyn Pro50% OFFEffectsAppStore26/11/2021
Virsyn BandDelay70,07% OFFEffectsAppStore26/11/2021
7XWAVE Sample Sequencer33,44% OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore-
ChStrip40,08% OFFMixing & MasteringAppStore30/11/2021
TfxMod40,08% OFFEffectsAppStore30/11/2021
VADrum233,36% OFFDrum MachinesAppStore30/11/2021
TfxEcho40,08% OFFEffectsAppStore30/11/2021
VAMono33,36% OFFSynthesizersAppStore30/11/2021
IK Multimedia MixBox for iPad62,51% OFFEffects
Mixing & Mastering
IK Multimedia iRig Recorder46,7% OFFUtilityAppStore01/12/2021
IK Multimedia SampleTank Symphonic Sale60% OFFIn-App PurchaseAppStore01/12/2021
IK Multimedia AmpliTube iOS All-in Sale80% OFF (Up To)In-App PurchaseAppStore01/12/2021
IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console50% OFF (Up To)In-App PurchaseAppStore01/12/2021
IK Multimedia SampleTron 250% OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore07/12/2021
IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X 53,85%. OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore07/12/2021
Bram Bos Apps (Gaus Looper, Hammerhead Rhythm Station...) $3,99 USD app sale Virtual Instruments
AppStore28/11/2021 40% OFF (starts 25/11 - 27/11) MIDIAppStore27/11/2021
discoDSP OB-Xd Synth50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore -
discoDSP OPL FM Synth57,22% OFFSynthesizersAppStore-
AudioKit Pro FM Player50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore
AudioKit Pro Digital D140% OFFSynthesizersAppStore
AudioKit Pro AR-90925% OFFDrum MachinesAppStore
AudioKit Pro Bass 808 synth$2.99 DealSynthesizersAppStore
AudioKit Pro HOUSE: Mark 125% OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore
AudioKit Pro Retro Piano$2.99 DealVirtual InstrumentsAppStore
AudioKit Pro AutoTune$2.99 DealVirtual InstrumentsAppStore
AudioKit Pro Digitalism 2000 + AUv3$2.99 DealSynthesizersAppStore-
Eventide iOS Effect Apps (AUv3) 50% OFFEffectsAppStore03/01/2022
BeepStreet Zeeon Synthesizer50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore28/11/2021
ANILOG Synthesizer62,58% OFFSynthesizersAppStore-
Living Memory LayR 53,87% OFFSynthesizersAppStore-
SKIIID 50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore-
Klevgrand apps50% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers
Mixing & Mastering
Borderlands Granular50% OFFSynthesizersAppStore29/11/2021
Elliott Garage apps and iAPs50% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers
Virtual Instruments
Sugar Bytes Apps60% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers
Virtual Instruments
Alex Matheu GlitchCore & Silver60% OFF (Up To)EffectsAppStore-
Bit Maestro 60% OFFEffectsAppStore-
iMusicAlbum App Black Friday Sale (Synthscaper...) 50% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers
Kymatica Black Friday Sale (AUM,...)44% OFF (Up To)Effects
DDMF Apps Black Friday Sale40% OFF (Up To)Effects
Mixing & Mastering
Tonality: Music Theory33% OFFUtilitiesAppStore-
SGA Phoenix42% OFFMixing & MasteringAppStore-
VB3m Tonewheel organ28% OFFVirtual InstrumentsAppStore-
BLEASS apps Black Friday Sale44% OFFVirtual Instruments
Steinberg Cubasis 2 & 3 50% OFFDAWAppStore13/12/2021
MusiKraken40% OFFUtilitiesAppStore-


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