Endlesss, A Free Collaborative Music-Making App That Brings Musicians Together Virtually

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Meet Endlesss, an innovative loop-based groovebox app for iOS developed by Time Exile which brings musicians virtually together from around the world.

Tim Exile, a highly talented musician but also the mastermind behind many software products from Native Instruments, has today published an iOS app with which he brings musicians together even in Corona times. This happens virtually and everyone with an iOS device (iPad/iPhone) can participate. Sorry, there is no Android version an this is mainly due to the lousy audio drivers.

Endlesss (yes with three s) is the name of the app and it promises endless collaborative music fun. It’s a free download and it’s useable with no hidden costs. Well, there is one, but this does not limit the app and is not a requirement. You can upgrade the built-in sound content via in-app purchase and support so the hard work of Tim Exile and his team.


Unlike most music apps on iOS, you don’t make music here in your own cosmos, but together with others. Endlesss is based on loopers that jam participants can fill with music content. Once a jam is opened, you can invite your friends/community to participate in the jam. From this point on, everyone can participate and add their elements to the jam. Either you use the built-in sounds or you sample your own instruments (guitar, synth…) or voice in the app. This sampler instrument opens a world of endless new instruments.

If you are satisfied with your input, you can send it to the cloud. At the same time, the other participants see your contribution. In addition to importing and sharing your own jam parts, you can also participate differently. Endlesss also allows you to remix friends’ loops by simply adding effects. Time Exile goes even further here. Community-based also means here watching, listening and chatting with feature artists in the Endlesss community. Ableton Link lets you sync up your jams with your existing setup including apps, DAWs, and Link-enabled devices.

Features (Free Version)

  • 8-channel retrospective looper with intuitive interface for making loops of various sizes and optimised for speed and creativity
  • No limit on loops or jams created – create as much as you want alone or together with your friends.
  • Multiple high-quality synth, bass and drum packs to get you started.
  • FX pack with 12 core effects such as reverb, delay, distortion, and low/high-pass filters.
  • Input from microphone or external instruments
  • Extensive key/scale, tempo, time signature, and quantization settings
  • Connect to DAWs and Link-enabled devices
  • Export to movie or to stems for editing and processing outside Endlesss

Tim Exile’s new app Endlesss shows how modern technologies can bring us musically together in isolation. Perfect timing for the official release.

Endlesss is available now as a free download from the Apple App Store. You can upgrade the app to Endlesss Infinite with more content for $4.49 USD via an in-app purchase.

More information here: AppStore

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