iceGear Released Lagrange Multi-Engine Synthesizer For iOS (AUv3)

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iceGear has expanded its portfolio of apps with Lagrange, a new multi-engine synth that simplifies the patch design process via a clever routing system.

IceGear, one of my favorite iOS developers, is back with a new synth app. Lagrange is a new AUv3 ready Synthesizer that features a deep multi-engine. It offers 2 oscillators, a noise generator, and two filters. The number of oscillators etc. makes this synth not versatile but its wide range of algorithms for Osc, Noise and Filter. It includes over 14 oscillator algorithms ranging from classic virtual analog, FM to physical modelling style plus 7 algos for the noise generator.

Sounds can then be further deformed with two filters where you have a choice of 7 different types. Another big sound design feature is the complex routing system. You can choose from 20 different routings to connect these modules. With this feature, Lagrange is super flexible and makes it possible to create a variety of tones in short steps. Further, it has 8 envelope generators, yes 8, and 2 LFOs. In short: another powerful synth app from IceGear.

Synthesis Engine

  • 2x Oscillators with 14 algorithms (sawtooth, pulse… FM (4:1 ~ 1:8), plucked string, struck string, blown pipe, bell & robot voice)
  • Noise Generator with 7 algorithms (white noise (LPF/BPF/HPF), grain noise, digital noise, pulsing noise (click), pulsing noise (sand))
  • 2x Filters (LP12, LP24, BP, HP, notch, comb (+) & comb (-),
  • Amplifier
  • Delay
  • 8x Envelope Generators
  • 2x LFOs
  • universal app (iPad/iPhone)
  • AUv3 support
  • Audiobus support
  • Ableton Link
  • MIDI support including clock and controller mapping
  • programmable arpeggiator
  • master tune
  • micro-tuning

IceGear Lagrange Synthesizer is available now for $7.99 USD (20% OFF intro sale) on the Apple App Store.

More information here: IceGear

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