UDO Audio Super 6 firmware v0.27 adds USB-MIDI, expanded pan spread & more

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UDO Audio has published firmware v0.27 for its Super 6 Synthesizer lineup featuring USB-MIDI, MIDI CC, decay hold phase to envelopes & more.

UDO Audio’s first product is called Super 6 and is a flagship polyphonic hybrid Synthesizer. Flagship because no compromises have been made here. The Super 6 is classic but also very innovative at the same time. This is mainly due to its high-resolution FBGA-based oscillators.

Geoge Hearn and his team brought the compact brother, the Super 6 desktop to Superbooth 21. Equipped with the same fat, organic-sounding engine but in a very space-saving package. At the same time, the team teased a new firmware that is now available for your Super 6.

UDO Audio Super 6 firmware v0.27

UDO Audio Super 6 Firmware v0.27

Say hello to firmware v0.27, an update that unlocks a lot. Much that many have been waiting for. The first new addition is full USB-MIDI support with MIDI CC/NRPN send & receive from all controls. So you can now attach the Super 6 to your studio system and control it from your computer. This update also paves the way for patch editors. Curious when the first one will be published.

The developers also significantly increased the resolution and precision of the knobs and faders with dynamic smoothing. Also, the engine got an upgrade. First, it now features a fully variable voltage-controlled highpass filter. With an interface combination (HPF to FIX and shift), you can now adjust the highpass filter cutoff in HPF fix mode. Then, the pan spread control, an important function of the binaural engine is now available in the 12-voice mode.

The envelope generators (ENV1 /ENV2) have received a new decay hold phase making them more flexible. Further, the arpeggiator got a new hold mode and can now send MIDI notes. The same applies to the sequencer. Attention, the arp as well as the seq MIDI note functionality is in the beta phase.

In case, you missed my demo of the new Super 6 desktop and my interview with George Hearn, I linked it below.

Superbooth 21

The Super 6 is getting better and better. Many will be happy about this update, especially those who want to fully integrate the synth into the studio.

The new UDO Audio Super 6 firmware is available as a free download for existing S6 users. Super 6 is available now for 2490€, desktop version coming soon for 2290€.

More information here: UDO Audio

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