Shift Line SkyNet, new free soundscapes-focused reverb plugin

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Pedal developer Shift Line has published SkyNet, a new free reverb plugin for macOS and Windows focused on massive soundscapes.

In the past few months, there has been an interesting shift from hardware to plugins at many companies. Korg with its native synth plugins wavestate, opsix or modwave, Strymon with the BigSky, or just recently Erica Synths with its virtual Zen Delay.

Now another company is going this way. The pedal developers from Shift Line, known for their reverbs (Astronaut…), have now also released a plugin. It’s called SkyNet and is a free/donationware reverb plugin for macOS and Windows.

Shift Line SkyNet Reverb

Shift Line SkyNet Reverb

SkyNet Reverb is a new free reverb plugin based on the SkyNet-1 and SkyNet-2 algorithms from the Astronaut space reverb pedal. According to the developer, the plugin is particularly suitable for massive soundscapes with long decay times.

The plugin is very simple and only has a handful of parameters. Three main parameters: decay controls the reverb decay time, volume of the output signal, and mix the wet/dry signal cross mix.

Below these is the intriguing SkyNet slider controlling the blend of the SkyNet-1 and SkyNet-2 algorithms. By blending the two SkyNet algorithms, you can sculpt unique atmospheric sounds which fit your music best

There is also a bypass that engages and disengages the reverb. Further, you can scale the GUI by clicking in the right corner.

Shift Line makes high-quality reverbs and other effects pedals. Both algorithms sound very good in the pedal. Not on Strymon level but of a solid quality. It’s a nice deal for friends of free plugins, but also a good opportunity for anyone who wants to test both algorithms without buying the pedal directly.


Shift Line SkyNet Reverb is available now on a Pay-What-You-Wwant Basis, so you determine either to download the plugin for free or to make a donation.  It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Shift Line 

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