Audiomodern Playbeat 3.0, smart groove randomizer gets a major upgrade (win, mac, iOS)

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Audiomodern updates its intelligent groove randomizer plugin Playbeat to version 3.0 with a new drum remix algorithm, sample hub, and more.

We love our synthesizers, modular alls and often that’s the first elements of a new track. Of course, groovy drum patterns should not be missing. Okay, experimental drone musicians are excluded from these tasks. But programming the right drum pattern that is rich and varied can take a long time. The four on the floor rhythm is of course the most obvious for classic electronic music. A little uninspiring, isn’t it?

Audiomodern Playbeat can provide variety here.

Audiomodern Playbeat 3.0

Audiomodern Playbeat 3.0

Playbeat is a smart groove randomizer plugin/iOS app that generates beats and patterns with the push of a button. Algorithms and random processors manipulate the steps, pitch, density, flam, volume, pan… The evolution of each new pattern can be observed in real-time on up to eight sequencers. And if necessary, you can adjust them manually to get the best results. This ensures that no pattern sounds like the other. Thus every button press produces new results for you.

It is a source of inspiration for new drum patterns but also a helper when your existing drum patterns need more live and variations. Audiomodern pushes the concept further by introducing a new sonic analysis algorithm. In Playbeat 3.0, you now have the option to create unlimited remixes of patterns based on your current pattern. Plus, you have the ability to generate and suggest different combinations for your beats on the fly.

The developers promise that the results will always sound great. Well, we have to see in a test whether that’s true or just a flashing marketing statement.


One of the confirmed strengths is certainly that you can load your own samples in both the plugin and standalone version of Playbeat. This gives you a drum randomizer tool and a full-fledged drum machine in one product. Audiomodern has lifted up the sample game in version 3 by adding a new sample editor. It allows you to load up any audio file, edit or randomize the values, and sample instantly.

Audiomodern Playbeat 3.0

In addition to the sample editor, Playbeat 3.0 includes new presets and packs manager that makes content sharing across devices quickly and easily. Add any folder from your computer, browse any sample and quickly drag and drop any sample to the Sequencers & Sample Slots to create your Kits.

A preview function is also onboard as well the option to categorize by genre. You can even distribute your own PB packs with your author name, artwork, and description. All this with a one-click export.

Further, you get more sequencer channels, more effects, a pad section, a mixer, and more creative features. And you can also output the drum sequences as MIDI data to your other hardware and software gear. Basically, anything that accepts MIDI.

First Impression

Disclaimer: Audiomodern is one of the ad partners in November and December. But I am still free to write my opinion on the release.

At first look, a solid further development of the Playbeat concept and plugin. The new sample editor and manager make the plugin much more mature and extensive. They lift the plugin from the drum randomizer tool shadow and shaped it into an independent, smart drum machine. A good move.

But I’m a little suspicious of the algorithms and the statement that they always produce great results. I’m always careful with such statements because even the most sophisticated codes can produce unusable, weird results. A test must provide clarity.

Audiomodern Playbeat 3.0 is available now for an introductory price of 59€ until December 6th, 2021 (reg. 69€). Owners of previous versions of Playbeat can upgrade for 19€. P3 is also part of the Music Composition Suite bundle alongside Chordjam, Gatelab, Riffer, and Filterstep for 99€ instead of 167€.

It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, AAX, plugin, and standalone application on macOS and Windows. The iPad version with AUv3 support costs $9,99 USD at the Apple AppStore.

More information here: Audiomodern

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  1. Also suspicious of such claims. At least, they don’t hype PB as the “most advanced AI/ML music creation software the world has ever known”.

    It’d be useful if they described the new features of version 3.0 in a straightforward way. It might be in the 33′ video? If so, timestamps would be useful.
    Otherwise, it sounds like we’re getting a “new drum remix algorithm” (which is really vague), a “new sonic analysis” (which might be part of the remix algo), a “new sample editor”, and some kind of “new presets and packs manager” for content sharing.
    Most of us probably have quite a few ways to edit and manage samples, whether in the DAW, in sampler plugins, in apps from sample libraries, or in standalone apps.
    So, maybe it’s about the integration of all these things in a single app/plugin for an easier workflow? If that’s the case, the marketing material should emphasize this.
    Especially during this period of intense sales.

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