UVI Quadra Metal and Wood, morphing and sequencing multi-layer instrument

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UVI Quadra is a multi-layer morphing, sequencing instrument, the second chapter explores multi-sampled “metal and wood” timbres.

Last March, the French sample library specialists of UVI released with Muted and Harmonics the first virtual instrument in the new Quadra series. Quadra consists of a 4-layer instrument in which sound sources can be morphed and deeply sequenced.

The content is also special. In the first part, you can find beautiful sampled guitars, occidental & Asian string instruments. pianos… In muted state and also versions full of harmonic content. Quadra volume 2 focuses on metallic and wood sounds.

UVI Quadra Metal and Wood

UVI Quadra: Metal & Wood

Quadra is a creative 4-part virtual instrument, and sequence designer that is based on a wide range of multi-sampled string instruments. The same engine we already know from the first releases. This time, the library ships with 251 multi-sampled sources, including bells, gongs, keyboards, mallets, musical toys, synthesizers, and resonant wood and metal instruments. Sounds can be combined with each other in any way you like, giving the users the freedom to explore the library and to create complex layered sounds.

The Falcon-powered engine consists of 4 completely customizable instrument layers (A, B, C, D) with mappable key zones, XY pads, and dynamics morphing. Then, you have multimode filters, envelopes as well as audio effects. Available is a frequency shifter, waveshaper, chorus, phaser, and more.

UVI Quada Metal and Wood

Creative Sequencing

The strength of the Quadra Instrument range is the sequencer section that hosts a 64-step arpeggiator and phrase sequencer. It generates classic sequence lines but also complex melodies thanks to its MIDI effects. Available are euclidean emphasis, MIDI delay, pitch drift, random, and randomization, scale quantization, and more.

UVI ships the second Quadra episode with an impressive collection of wildly diverse and inspired factory patches. You get 335 presets and 251 layers:

“Hundreds of unique creative visions are ready to be explored, crafted by a team of in-house veterans and industry stalwarts. Presets in Quadra are fully editable, functioning as fantastic starting points for your own creative journeys, or as ready-to-go mojo for your productions.”

At first glance a nice addition to the Quadra product series. Since metallic and wood sounds fit very well to melodic content, see Chromaphone 3, I think the Quadra will harmonize nicely with sample content. And the morphing option looks like tons of fun.

UVI Quadra: Metal and Wood is available now for an introductory price of $99 USD/99€ through November 21st, 2021 (reg $149 USD/€). It offers native 64-bit standalone operation by way of Falcon or the free UVI Workstation. It requires an iLok account (software or dongle) for authorization on up to 3 computers.

More information here: UVI 

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