Audiomodern Gatelab, a creative gate sequencer plugin & iOS app for free

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Audiomodern is giving away Gatelab, a creative gate sequencer plugin that adds rhythmic, evolving elements to your tracks within minutes.

It has never been so easy to get into music production. There have never been such good free plugins for macOS and Windows. New ones are added almost every day.

Audiomodern, the developer of the free plugin Filtersetp, has recently published another super creative plugin at no cost.

Audiomodern Gatelab

Audiomodern Gatelab

Gatelab is a new inspiring gate sequencer plugin with a rich set of features. The plugin offers traditional gate sequencing of up to 64 steps but also a flow mode. The latter allows you to manipulate the volume curve. The operation is straightforward. You simply draw the steps separately with the mouse for the left and right channels.

There are multiple sequence directions including forward, backward, or ping-pong mode. Then, you have an additional ratcheting function with up to three subdivisions per step and a shuffle function for more sophisticated sequences.

Audiomodern makes getting started with sequencing very easy in the Gatelab plugin. Either you use one of the numerous ready-made patterns or just use the randomizer with the big green button. This always creates new patterns. There is also an auto-randomize function that automatically shuffles patterns after a chosen number of bars. Sequence patterns can be saved and recalled using the preset buttons. Handy for quickly switching between patterns in performances

That’s not all. It also offers an excellent bi MIDI implementation. You can control it with a MIDI controller or you can output the MIDI sequencing data to other plugins. Definitely, a cool feature.

A nice free plugin / AUv3 iOS app with which you can quickly infuse rhythmic elements into sounds and tracks.

Audiomodern Gatelab is available as a free download and runs as VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. All you have to do is creating a free account on the official website. Gatelab is also available for iOS with AUv3 support for free.

More information here: Audiomodern 

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