Audiomodern Loopmix lets you instantly remix and rearrange audio loops macOS, Windows, and iPad

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Audiomodern Loopmix is a new remixer plugin that lets you instantly remix and rearrange audio loops using 6 creative sequencer engines. 

Pre-made audio loops generally have a bad reputation in music production. That’s because it’s assumed that sticking loops together into a song isn’t musical creativity. But it must be emphasized here that this process also needs talent from the musician’s side. Just randomly putting loops together doesn’t make a track. You have to have a musical feel for what goes together or not.

The new plugin release from Audiomodern shows that audio loops can also be the impetus. The developers have released existing creative tools in the recent past. For example, Playbeat constantly creates new, varied drum patterns for you. With Loopmix, they now creatively take audio loops apart and generate new loops using inspiring engines and clever randomization.

Audiomodern Loopmix

Audiomodern Loopmix

Loopmix is a new multi-layer remixer plugin that lets you quickly remix and rearrange loops. The design is reminiscent of classic sequencer multi-FX plugins like Sugar Bytes Effectrix and also the functionality goes in the same direction. Here, however, everything is applied directly to the audio loops.

The core consists of 6 layers on which you can load an audio loop. Unfortunately, you can’t put several loops on one layer. This would be handy for smaller loops that only last 3-4 seconds.

Once the layers are loaded with your favorite loops, the fun begins. From here, you can generate infinite variations from a single audio loop or from a combination of all 6 layers. There are six sections, each packed with an engine and three identical parameters: random, reset, and enable/disable for the random.

6 Unique Engines

The first is the sequencer part where you can pick different chops of your audio and sequence these selections. You have various controls like speed control, shift left/right, or a randomizer. The possibility of just sequencing different parts of a loop allows new sounds to be generated directly. Then, the rearrange section gives you the option to select different slices of a loop and rearrange them in just a few clicks. Also here fully editable with different parameters.

The third part consists of a reverser engine that is very easy to use. Click on the slice and you have reversed it. Three are left. Next, there is density, a note repeater that can repeat your selected slice up to 8 times. This section is also packed with randomization functions.

There is also a volume engine that allows you to set the volume for each slice individually. Lastly, you have the pitch motor consisting of different shifter algorithms, including pitch shifter, formant shifter, or a mix of both. You can also work with a handy scale function.

Audiomodern Loopmix

The big highlight is the ability to play all these creative engines together and thus create your own loops from the loops that have been loaded in Loopmix. And you can trigger them using the play/stop buttons in your DAW or with a press on the built-in keyboard. This way you can also map loop variations to different keys.

Dynamic Presets And Own Packs

Audiomodern ships Loopmix with a 1.6 GB factory sound sets with dynamic presets that can be transformed into an ecosystem of variation and remixes with a click of a button. Additionally, you can create your own packs using the built-in advanced samples and preset manager. You can create your own personalized packs, all wth your own artwork, name, description, and tagging.

Important: Loopmix Packs captures all the data you need to recover your session: the samples, patterns, and remixes so every pack you export is exactly as you designed it.

A very creative plugin with which I have been working a little deeper for the last few days. What can be generated from simple loops is fascinating. The plugin is super fun and so easy to use it doesn’t take rocket science to understand. I hope the engine selection will be expanded in the future, I could imagine a glitch or granular for it.

Audiomodern Loopmix available now for an introductory price of 49€ instead of 69€. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows. Loopmx is also available for iPad with AUv3 support for $9,99 USD.

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